Outdoor grow in da heat

Outdoors started early hoping this year is different!

So far have not had any issues!!
Way to go Bergman Grow Team which has been nothing short of amazing!


Damn boy! Some beauties.

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Thank You AAA,
How’s ur grow coming along?

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out of control. Ive realized I’ll need to cut back all my plants to single colas, its too much. I have enough to stink up the whole city! Neighbors just saw my garden and were… well shocked at how big and healthy my plants were.


This is my NL bush


Ladies look lovely :blush:!
Good Job on your :sweat: hard work!


Thanks, yours too. Can’t wait to see the bud porn!

Not doing to shabby! Wow im so envious of you outdoor gurus. Frikking trees man… frigging trees


My fingers are crossed! Just don’t want all my hard work to be let down ! What strain are u growing? Are u growing organic?

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Thank you purpngold74
Are u growing?

full organic supersoil.

Skunk #1
Mexican sativa
ILGM Northen Lights
ILGM Durban Poison
ILGM Gorilla Glue
ILGM Sour Diesel
ILGM Afghani
ILGM Grand Daddy Purple
Barneys Tangerine dream auto

What ya growin @Ocean711?

And, Organic?

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Growing all Master Kush
Trying organic for the first time!but I’m a noob!
Used the super soil recipe minus a few key ingredients ! (I know )
Will be replanting again in August using the full super soil recipe mix in August
Plus I’m using ro water ! My only concern is will I underfeed them and Ending up with low grade rubbish weed​:sweat::scream::nauseated_face::exploding_head::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:!

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Aloha AAA,

Was wondering how is ur auto grow looking?

If you didnt get enough amendments in it doesnt hurt to add a few organic nutes. Im constantly pushing fish emuls because they are nonsynthetic and keep ur microbes happy. Check some out. They make veg and bloom varieties. And cheap

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Worrying that that because fish emulsion has choke salt and with it getting hotter then hell it will lead to trouble! I’m starting a compost tea of worm Castings, molasses, Kelp extract, full power ! Just not sure what ratio to brew at? Having over 200 gallons of soil to feed ! It’s a full time job still !

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Choke! Haven’t heard that in a while.

I grew white Widow autos and was not impressed. I had s blueberry auto which did well, but starting Fox tailing.

Since I had harvested my Afghanis early. I was determined to let the BBA go.

Buds are drying now, not that dense but smell good.

I’ll snap some photos of the tangerine dream mañana, I’m Pow already!

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Check this out:

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Wow! Looks like plant centerfolds, guys! @Ocean711, did you top yours? They look natural to me. @AAA how did you top yours? This is my first time so I was too chicken to top. Yours look like a rig but I don’t see any netting. Only been reading up on them. Next year, I want to experiment scrogging outdoor. So far, I planted in 3 sets, I got all my seeds from ILGM, Gold Leaf and White Widow.

Set #1 3 plants I germinated 2GF, 2 WWW, one WWW was a dud. They were planted too soon in early Feb so they flowered early in mid- late Apr
1 Bergman Gold Leaf fem. she was loaded with flowers for two months. I thought I was going to harvest early. Then she sprouted some leaves. Her trichomes look milky and I spotted a few amber ones. But there are few branches fully reveg, I suppose I’ll wait.

2, White Widow fem. this poor gal went through a lot. Got root rot as seedlings so she was stunted. The. Went into early flower when she was just 18” tall so the buds are dense. We got lots of rain, overcast so she got bud rot I had to chop the cola of but she is sprouting some leaves.

  1. Another Gold Leaf. She started to flower early but slower than the other two. So the sun catches up and she went back to begging. I put up some support a few weeks ago and she is happier. When it warms up, she is bulking up now. She’s about 5’ now

So I learned thatcannabis are photosensitive, lol! Never heard of plant so sensitive like this before. I then germinated 1 GF, 2WWW. One WWW was a dud again. I’m not too impress with this strain in terms of germination rate.

Set 2
Plant #4 White widow. She was leaning sideways precariously, I thought I’d lost her but she stabilized like the leaning tower of Pisa. She stayed about 3’ and started to take off 3-4 weeks ago. Now I got many side branches shooting up as if I trained her. But she just did it all by herself. I just put some stakes around and she seems to be much happier.

#5 my Goantess! Another Gold Leaf who lives up to the fame. She got bigger and bigger from 5’-7’ then the lower branches started to break off. I was advised to support her. So I did and she grew about 2’ taller!
Uploading: 67825B47-E26F-4187-B0F5-7D49375D22F9.jpeg…

Set 3
#6 I could grow 6 plants so I got Skywalker OG Fem and this little baby girl is growing up fast. She got 5 nodes today. I’m so tempted to top or dim hetbut thought I should let her go natural since Skywalker tends to grow horizontally more according to ILGM description.

I’ll appreciate any tips, suggestions.


Wooooo! Yep you learned a Very valuable lesson on the photosensitivity of weed eh.

Tip 1: on those reveg’d girls… they got pretty far into flower. And uve already had bud rot, so im guess its humid where you are. Id defoliate the living stew out of those ladies. Its gonna get real messy in there the next month. So dont be afraid. They need to breathe.

Tip 2: get ready to be trimming your socks off! By September, those ladies will be 8 ft tall. And 5+ wide.

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I really never noticed a salt build up. Feed, water, feed, water schedule. And the ppms got pretty high. 1800+ near the end of flower (all emuls, calmag, n a splash of mega crop)

Think i flushed 3 plants once all grow. And one or 2 got 2 flushes