Outdoor grow: How to harden plants off in the warmer weather

A question from a fellow grower: I live in south east Qld Australia and would like to do an outdoor grow, I have done months of research and have my organic soil mix well aged and sitting at 6.8 ph. The cold winter and frost is behind us now and I have 2 gsc and 2 NYC sour diesel seedlings under a CFL that are 10 days old. They look great and healthy but I’m concerned about how to harden them off in the warmer weather we are experiencing. AVG 28 celsius days with around 75 percent humidity and a constant gentle westerly breeze.

Do I shade them until they get used to the current climate or will they stress and adjust themselves?

Also I have been told it may be Feb till they flower, are they going to get too big planting this early?

Hopefully I have given enough info and really appreciate any help on the matter.

When I harden off my seedlings I will bring them outside during day, back inside at night. U don’t want to leave them outside overnight until temps are above 45-50 degrees.
The sooner u get them outside the bigger they will be by harvest. The bigger the plant, bigger the harvest. Sounds like u have a pretty good handle on things. Happy growing😉

Yeah, I’d start them with 40%-50% shade, particularly from the later afternoon and highest temps for 5-10 days. See how the plants react. If they don’t seem bothered by the outdoor conditions, they won’t take as much gardening as plants that show some signs of stress even with a fair amount of shade.

I’m introducing some seedlings to the outside that are 12-14 days old. They’ve been under a 6500k bulb in about 29°C air conditioning and they’re goin into hot dry weather - 23° low/38° high - and the Chrystal Aurora is adapting really well. Aside from praying (leaves pointing upward) during the day and using water more quickly, they’re adapting really well. 3 days in shaded spot and yesterday went to totally unshaded. I’m monitoring them closely in case they need to go to shade but so far they’re all good and growing nicely. I have some Super Dense Autos that will be following them this week.

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