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Hi guys, I e been growing these plants for 3 months from seed. Any tips on getting them to bush out more? They’re all feminized plants. Amnesia Haze, Chewbacca OG, big bud, blue dream, punch cake, and chocolope.


Hey Ryan! Welcome to the clan!!
I’m pretty new to this whole scene but I’ve done a few grows so take it for what it’s worth.

Some of the plants look pretty bushy and others are pretty thin. They all look like sativas or sativa heavy strains. I have no experience or knowledge of you strains. Sativas of course are thinner and taller than indica, the traditionally lower and bushier of the types.
They also looked kinda stretched, like they’ve been reaching for light.
I’d be happy with the height you’ve got on most of them, node spacing aside. But to be honest, the stems don’t look strong enough to support much bud growth. Or at least big bud growth.
What are you feeding them?

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Good luck with a beastly grow!!

Welcome to the community ! I usually start early at 5 or 6 nodes top or fim my plants. That will slow down the upward growth and let the side branches catch up and make a even canopy, nice short bushy plant. Nice plants Looking good :+1::v:

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Welcome to the group. The plants look like a nice healthy shade of green. They look pretty happy.
If you are looking to ‘bush’ them out alittle I would suggeat alittle LST. (Low steess trainning)

You simply toss a string over the top of one of the slinder branches. Fasten the ends to the bottom of rhe pot, may drill a hole, and slightly pull down one of the banches. This will widen the plant and allow more ligh to reach the interior.

It looks like the plants have alot of veg. growth to them just very tall and slinder.
Happy growing…