Outdoor grow help

Enclosed you will find a few picture of my balcony deck or what you may call it. Being as I don’t have my indoor set up going and I am anxious I figured I’d utilize the deck to get swim exp in outdoor. I figure 7 plants. Nothing fancy but I do want it to be quality.
Maybe I am over worrying it but as you can see on an overcast how it looks and also how it looks w sun. W the sun that is all that gets lit up which is oersted for the plants I think so is it sufficient to germinate and then out in shadows for a week and then just let sun do it’s job and yes it’s all a run to get feel so I will feed nites as well and plan on using happy frog I just want to see how it goes.

When standing outside right wee the plants are is right at the crevice where the sun come over roof when standing out there it hits u fill on as well. So u think this will be sifficient? Or do I have the wrong idea. The genetics are some of syrup so I’m not losing bc I found seeds I. Jar of fire ass bud. Obviously hermed up lol if they germinate what am I losing sun and time lol tho is for anyone that feels they have advice what can I do look out for etc. in my eyes it’s pretty straightforward

I’d say go for it. As you said; what do you have to lose? I would scale back the number of plants to around 2. Unless those are 5 gallon pots in your pic, lol

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The plants will take a lot of direct sun once they’re established.
They may also grow much higher than the railing; just in case you’re not in a 4:20 friendly state.
They’ll also need 100% darkness when flowering. At least 11-12 hours/night. So no street lights, no light from your apartment windows, and definitely no flood lights/porch lights.

Happy frog is a good soil. It does get a bit compacted after a few months, I add some perlite to it to ease watering.

Good luck. Sunlight is free and so is rain. Have a great grow!

Absolutely I tend to over think things until I read them then I’m like exactly what I was thinking. So yea I will go for it already germinating seeds YAY!!:shushing_face::shushing_face::man_facepalming:t5: But I will well I would like to have it right and correct so I will follow the lighting outside when it is sun and when it goes dark I will leave them to enjoy the summer months outside all day until I flip them for flower the. I will bring them in and keep them I. The dark @Drinkslinger I do live in California
@BobbyDigital why scale them back? Curious

Even in most 420 friendly States the plants still have to be concealed within the residence. In California we are allowed to have up to six plants per residence and we can have all the Bud from those plants. We can also carry up to an ounce recreationally.

Medical card holder can also have up to six plants but is able to carry up to 8 oz of flower and/or concentrate. Medical card holders also do not have to pay the state tax when purchasing cannabis products at a dispensary.

A medical patient with a cultivators license like myself is allowed the same 8 oz a flower or concentrate but I can legally grow up to 99 plants. However I am not allowed to legally grow those plants outdoors. but that’s just California law and all the laws change depending on what county and even what city you live in.

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Mostly because they will get crowded. You’ll have the front plants blocking light from the ones in back once they get bigger. And outside they will get big quickly. Your outdoor area looks like a 3’x 8’ space, you could easily fill that space with 4 plants and have no room to move.

thanks guys

In Vt one can have a total of 6 plants, but only 2 are allowed to be flowering… per domicile.
Outdoor plants are fine but must be inaccessible or viewable by the public. You can’t just have them growing on the side of your house.

1oz on your person, and as much bud at your domicile as you can grow from your plants(I love this part).

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