Outdoor grow haven't used any additives.Bad idea?

Looking forward to hearing more. I have some Grow Big I tried on some bag seeds and one turned yellow. Didn’t affect the other 5 noticeably. All 6 were either male or herme so put into the “butter” bag after drying. I’m not saying that the Grow Big determined sex by any means LOL :joy:. But for now I’m waiting before I decide to use that next spring

@butchbrooks The Big Bloom should be a good choice. I think the fish emulsion would be high nitrogen which wouldn’t be appropriate for flowering stage. I don’t have a solid recommendation on that one.

What a tall pretty lady!

Can’t go wrong there.
The fish emulsion is just great stuff! Can’t say enough about the stuff! Really cranked up my veggie garden

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Deifinitely would benefit from several 1/2 doses of -preferably organic - fertilizer with phosphorus and potassium, a little nitrogen would not hurt either…mix with water and apply.

I ended up getting this.

Tiger Bloom is what you want.

Tiger bloom will do the trick! Especially it being local

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Thanks for the replies. Going to get some tiger bloom today.

@butchbrooks - It doesn’t say what the analysis is but it seems to be focused on blooming, so it’s probably all you need at this point.

Are you familiar with the N-P-K ratios of fertilizers? Nitrogen - Phosphorus - Potassium. Normally you’ll feed a high N during vegetative growth and then higher P during flower. That’s kind of where the disconnect is. It could probably use some N since it’s not had anything so far but really, in flower you’d want the higher P.

I’d apply that stuff at the directed rate and not worry too much about it. Get carried away and you run the risk of over-loving your plant to death.

Sorry. Should have posted this. This is the analysis.

That seems to be heavier in nitrogen, I would consider something else. You want some nitrogen but want more phosphorus and potassium
The all purpose would be good for veg, but you want bloom specific nutes for flower


@butchbrooks humph, that is more nitrogen than I would have thought.

So, now what I would do, were it my plant, is hit it with that 5-3-3 and then go to Tiger Bloom or similar. Only because it’s never been fed, the leaves look a tad pale and it’s not very far into flowering, I’d want that shot of N. That’s just me and I’m only a backyard gardener.

Or, you could return that 5-3-3 and just urinate around the plants occasionally and go to the Tiger Bloom. Human urine is sterile and high in nitrogen. No, I do not whiz on my plants. :rofl:


Im going to use what I got for a week or so to see what happens. I will have the tiger bloom on standby. Curious to see if they green up or have a growth increase. They really haven’t grown much in last week but buds continue to develop.
I’m slighty concerned about night time temps. It was 49 last couple of nights but warms up to 75 during day. They get full sun from 8am to 6 pm. Very low humidity. Looks like im in for a nice stretch of cool nights and warm days with lots of sunshine.
Some of the shorter plants get less morning sun but get nice afternoon sun.
They all seem healthy and definately try to face their leaves at sun. At night leaves droop down but when sun comes out they go way up and top of plant actually leans toward sun. Probably trying to suck up every bit of sun because the chilly nights.
Hopefully it will kick into high gear to try to complete growth cycle. I think they will definately appreciate the added nutrients.




I used the plant-tone a few days ago at 75% dose. No ill effects as of yet. Can’t really tell if it got any greener. I also got some fox farm which i will also try. Picture of buds are from smaller plant. Buds on tall plants are probably a week behind smaller plant.
Do I want to see red in leaf stems or no?
Would that mean too much fertilizer? No redness yet but thats what I have been looking for after I used the fertilizer.

Some stains get red leaf stems, some don’t. It can be a sign of stress in some cases. Unless you’re familiar with the strain, I don’t think it’s an indicator, really.