Outdoor grow green worm looking things and Bud rot

What’s the best method to completely sanitize my plant and remove any bugs or Bud rot that may be on there?

Gotta kill the caterpillars as they carry mold spores into the flower which is where a lot of bud rot starts. ‘Safer Caterpillar Killer’ uses a bacterium that is harmless to pets and humans but lethal to many worms and caterpillars. Foliar spray every five days until harvest. At harvest, plan to do a bud wash afterremoving any visible bud rot. Strong peroxide/water solution will kill most latent mold on the plant. Do a heavy defoliation ahead of harvest to increase airflow to the interior of canopy.

Pictures would be good…


@Myfriendis410 So…you spray it on the buds themselves? The Caters I saw on my plants were going for the stems? Thus killing the buds…I m guessing if its on the buds the Caters will pick it up and die before they get to the stem…Also I just wanna know how the lil bastards got there in the first place? From the soil? From other outdoor plants? From eggs laid on the fan leaves.Thanks!

Spray the whole plant including pot and soil.

Thanks Man Will do…