Outdoor grow got found stole 1 plant left other 2

hello i planted outdoors in creek and yesterday i went to check on my babes and 1 was stolen the other 2 ww were not touched but someone placed a stick in front as i marker i guess. i went today and still 2 ww are there. i clipped a piece off each but still having trouble with cloning. any help will be much appreciated

do i cut the big fan leaves and only leave small ones. i took from top

I wouldn’t trust to leave the remaining plants there, yikes!

Are you trying to clone a big fan leaf cutting?

You don’t want to try and clone from leaves. You need a branch with a top.


hey i took from top and i cut the big leaves off. now should i just cut the main branch and would that grow new roots. i directly placed them in ground. and i guess they were too mature for them to take out. the one they stole i planted 2 wks ago and it was still small and i guess roots did not travel far down yet

Check out the links to the articles by Robert. You might use some rooting hormone found at most garden supply stores to help with cloning and rooting.

thanks MacG i bought TakeRoot rooting hormone. and i dipped the stems in and put in soil. i had them outside for 10 mins. then i read the article about cloning and it says direct sunlight might be too much and its right it was a little withered so i put under cfl lights and made a make shift dome

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how to dig up the other 2 ww if i directly planted in ground

Always dig up plants by outlining the mass diameter of the plant. Make a circle around the girth of the plant and carefully dig down. Loosen soil inside circle with hands being careful not to damage the tap root. Place in an adequate new hole, prepared with amended soil, and a little takeroot. WATER in totally. Good Luck.

Ok thanks latewood I will try thst