Outdoor grow Gorilla

Outdoor Gorilla glue pho. Va weather by the coast. She is 7ft roughly and still very early but looks like starting to flower. Ive got bruce banner and girl scout cookies also in the same area but they are about 6 ft and still in veg. Shouldnt be flowering till sept i thought.

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Welcome to the community ! I have no idea this is my first go at it. I have the same 3 strains and all three are almost done but mine are autos. Total of 10 weeks. Started May 1st. Sure someone will chime in soon though.


Gorilla Glue

Bruce Banner


Could be starting to show a few preflowers by now’ thats normal. Some strains preflower earlier then others. I had a few pistils on some of my plants July 2nd last year go full flower by August and harvested mid to late October and early November.
All my plant were in full flower by mid August.

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@Goldfish07 Im in Nevada and my daughters grow has two outside plants throwing pistols, one looks to be in the streach. We are at 14.5 hours of sun but some of ours are triggered into flower.

Good luck man, happy growing :slight_smile: :smiley:

Those look really nice @THC73. Those pics make a great case for Autos. Ten weeks is pretty amazing.

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That is definitely flowering. Does it get shade during the day?
Same Q for @Dennis62

@HMGRWN My daughters grow is full sun till about 7 pm. One is a early version which flowers for 45 days, but it is not supposed to flower early. Who knows what happens when you put Rudealis genetics at play. But the other one is a super skunk from ilgm, shes the one in front

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Nice garden. I wish I could grow in direct sun like that but I am in south Alabama and it is still very much a no-no. (There is a lot of low flying helicopter traffic here)
I was asking about shade as I have had bag seed start to flower at just a few weeks due to tree leaves filling in during spring.

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I here ya, legal to have 6 plants per household here lol. My daughter has to work for this here in 30% humidity 100+ temperatures. She gets up an hour early every day to wet the whole garden area and water every day!! But thanks man I got my daughter going a couple years ago, shes doing awesome. I do a closet grow :+1:

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They sprouted on the 7th May

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