Outdoor grow flowering stage full moon

Hi all black moon from nz here.
We have entered that exciting time flowering stage.
Been learning lots from Roberts tips along the way.
Found it interesting about how even a flashlight can affect the plants growth at this stage.
Got me to wondering.
How does the light of the moon affect the flowering stage especially when its full.
Ive taken away our solar security sensor lights due to the light affecting the flower stage of the plants.
Love to get some feed back on this.

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It will not do anything to the plants. It’s not enough light to cause any harm.


Thanks pharmerbob.


Yep, you’ll be fine. The moons lux output is around .25 lux. Just as a comparison, one candle is around 10 lux. So one candle is about 40x more powerful than a full moon.


The moon effects your plant, but not in a negative way. I’m not educated enough to explain how though.

I will say outdoors and find grow outdoor plants are less sensitive to light pollution then indoor plants.

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