Outdoor grow, build a green house outside, or inside only?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I live in Southern California. Can you give me your thoughts on outdoor grow, build a green house outside, or inside only? I am a medical cannabis Patient with probably every diagnosis!


Being in So Ca you wouldn’t need a greenhouse outside but it could possibly help control environmental issues. Personally Id l love to have a green house.
if you have plenty of room inside go for it. I grow out side and love it. Guess it comes down to what works for you.


I’m in SoCal along with @highcountrygal who is doing a greenhouse grow. I technically am an inside grower who puts the plants outside whenever possible.

Spring is a problem if your plant is flowering due to ambient humidity and the risk of bud rot. September is bad due to pests.


@Sasquatch I love my little green house! Homewell LF69005 mini walk in greenhouse Amazon.com. 50.00 and it has more than paid for itself. I am an outdoor grower as well, however this year I am currently into a first time winter grow and I used the gh esp when cold and wet.

They were toasty and warm and grew about 2" in 2-3 days. Check it out! :woman_farmer:


Love it @highcountrygal , how cold is it there at night there? I see you got it weighed down good. how they hold up in the wind? I think it would let me start a little earlier in the year… rubbing-hands-in-excitement-smiley-emoticon


I’m going to use 2-3’ rebar as stakes for mine and also somehow attach it to the dog run panels that fence in my grow area. After doing outdoor craft shows and Farmers markets using a pop up shelter I found more anchors is a good idea for my area. :grimacing:

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@Sasquatch Howdy I think we had one or two frosts and one frost warning. 35-40’ average. This thing weighs about 10 lbs. I can pick it up with one hand to move it. The plastic kinda goes out to the side so that’s why the bricks are there to hold the plastic down and the gh. So far it has withstood pretty stiff winds both from the west and the east, rain, cold weather and just spits in their faces. When I open it in the morning I get warm moist air coming out and the girls just respond to it really well. I take them outside for the day if warm. You can see it has it’s own weather system lol and thunderstorms when the heat meets the cool jk. I would not have had such a successful grow going on now without it. I love it. The only con is the shelves do not hold 75 lbs as stated and are very flimsy (I let Amazon.com know). I am in a wheelchair so I have to have things up, hence the cinder blocks. I can fit 10 cinder blocks inside. You can’t go wrong at the price. Come and follow my journal and you can see more pics. Good growing and happy Harvest to you. ‘Come grow with me by HCG’ and start one for your self. We SoCali’s have it so good! :woman_farmer:


I’m in the Smokey Mtns I get some teen and single digit nights and a bunch in the 20s. I keep thinking about getting one. cant go wrong at 50 bucks!
I’ll look your journal up and see what its like in sunny SoCal 48