Outdoor grow and street lights

I’ve been out of practice in outdoor growing for about 30 years and am in a neighborhood now with streetlights. I’ve never grown in an area with ambient light so am unsure if it’s an issue.

Will ambient neighborhood lights be a factor?

What duration of direct sunlight do I need?

Should I try an autoflower first to get my feet wet outside since lighting isn’t an issue?

Thanks in advance!


I’m not sure about your situation but in st Louis they’ve been switching out the old streetlamps for newer led and its had an adverse effect on the trees and plants under them. I was told that the flora is not getting a dark cycle and plants not liking it in what way I didn’t get to hear the whole story but it has had an effect.


Your good… obviously your not growing directly under the street light… the distance between an indoor light and a plant is about 2 to 6 feet max… street lights 100 feet away are not gonna be registering when you have a source like the sun during the day… I can understand directly under but way off to the side tour good… I just finished a grow outside with a street light 30 feet away directly in veiw … no issues 6 weeks outside flowering …no revegging issues