Outdoor Grow, amazing growth and size

I’m going to offer up 2 pictures of a legal outdoor grow this year, taken 75 days apart. Plants went out a week before the first pic. At the time of the second pic, the plants were between 6 and 8 feet tall. A few males have since been removed. The later picture really doesn’t do it justice, but I’d need an aerial view to really show it.

Any one of these plants is going to blow away what a person could grow indoors without a very expensive setup and huge utility bills.

Next year, we go with 8’ spacing.

On 5-29:

And 75 days later:


You are correct there is no comparison between outdoors and indoors as far as cost of utilities to what you can yeild but not everyone lives in a legal state so we all can only do what we can do.
Someday maybe the legislation in my state will get off there bums and make it legal. One can hope right?

Great looking plants @PhantomFarmer :+1:


Absolutely. I wasn’t criticizing indoor grows. Indoors has it’s place, uses and needs. Even the difference outdoors between tucking the odd plant into less than optimal conditions vs in the full sun and tending it as you would any other plant is remarkable.

I think the next few years are going to see common sense prevail on marijuana laws and we’ll see some amazing things happen with breeders and growers operating openly.

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Love the pics. I’m also an outdoor farmer :man_farmer: sadly not in a legal state :rage: I have two Widows in pots in stealth over 6’. I’m curious what you have done regarding pruning if at all. It’s a discussion I’m having with my grow partner. I’m looking forward to buds but I’m already impressed with the few leaves I’ve dried and cured​:blush:


I agree @PhantomFarmer and I did not mean to imply that you were by any means.
As soon as my state makes it legal I’m plowing under my backyard lol.
I am currently growing a few autos outdoors (obviously not as big as yours) but I love being able to cut out the electric company from the costs. Nothing compares to the sun it’s been tried and true for a very very long time.


I agree, legality is always an issue. But outdoors has its own set of problems as well. Indoors is what it is, you usually get out of it what you put into it. Expenses are higher, but some would rather pay for piece of mind.

I think it’s great to have the resources to make either an option.


@SmoknGranny - I hadn’t planned any particular pruning, but I’m considering how to create some space between them right now. I also intend to remove a lot from the bottoms, sort of like the lollipop technique indoor growers use.

A couple of the males I pulled were bunched up against a big Northen LIght and a Hash Plant. It was clear the NL and HP were stunted on the sides in contact with other plants. They’re fillling out nicely now.

One thing I’ve learned is that 9’ tall MJ plants are very susceptible to wind damage. The tall top makes for a great lever when the wind blows and really, really beats the plant up. Even staking doesn’t help much. So … I topped about 2’ from a couple! Believe it or not, the plants are much improved. The plants have responded wonderfully, believe it or not. These particular plants have given me fits - very heavy feeders and in my poor soil getting a heavy enough feeding schedule without nutrient burn has been a bear. Once I topped them however, the rest of the plant greened up nicely and looks quite happy. I would not recommend large Sativas in a northern climate.

Another user here has an enormous outdoor scrog in a greenhouse. I think I’ll try that next year with one of these enormous, long season Sativas.

Thanks for your interest and good luck with your outdoor grow. A 6’ plant in a bucket is pretty impressive.

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Thanks. I’m on a learning curve this year with my grow partner who’s retiring after this harvest. So I’m planning already for next spring :blush: I think she overprunes and she thinks I don’t prune enough :rofl: I guess we’ll know for sure come harvest.


i measured my girls today super silver 1 is 89 in tall and 84 in diam,ss 2 95in tall 90 in diam gold leaf 81 in 82 in diam and purple haze 84 tall and diam


super happy with my seeds

wow… nice job… small pots work well for me too

@stoney - are you having trouble with the wind bending them? I’ve topped a couple feet off 2 because the wind was just tearing them up. Congrats on the giant plants.

yes the wind was super bad here this year along with freak hail storms into june my kids an I used bailing rope rapped around them sewed em up like christmas trees 4 sale they surpassed hard winds if I knew how to post pics would love to show them

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@PhantomFarmer @SmoknGranny
I have a couple 8 footers in the ground and they stuck out too much so i bent them down using a metal plant hanger. The plants didn’t mind at all I think they actually enjoyed getting more light. The branches actually grew upwards after the bending. The tops stayed mostly sideways and grew lots of leaves on top of buds on the side facing up but underneath are no leaves just pure buds.

2 8 footers bent down about 3 1/2 feet.

Leafy tops

Under leafy sideway buds

Getting ready to finish


Glad you did it first :blush: After my outdoor Widows grew so tall this year I have been thinking about doing that on next springs crop.

Very happy with the results. Helps get them more light, makes them more stealth and you can also pull the lower branches up through canopy for more light. Also helps when its windy.
Just be careful not to bend too much!!

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Very nice. Good strategy, I think. Sort of like LST on a bigger scale. Probably increased your yield, too.

I definately think it will increase yield.
I think the timing of it is important too.
I did the bend around 2 to 3 weeks into flower.

That’s what I have read here and stealth is a sad necessity. My grow partner has our ladies on her property which looks like a jungle. My property is much more open so I did buy a small greenhouse for next spring to try growing a couple on my own.