Outdoor grow 5 weeks



Attached are photos of my White Widow at 11 and 12 weeks. The changing of the colors of bud did not happen until week 12, and I suspect it resulted from the chemicals or liquid fertilizer I fed it.

Other than that, I think the grow was successful overall. I am living in Costa Rica and we are presently in the rainy season here. There’s no way it would’ve worked had I not built a green house. Our summer here is from December until April. So I am pretty confident that we can grow all year long here.

I attached photos of before and after the suspected chemical burn. The off colored buds are at the bottom left.

Thank you, again.



It looks like bud rot. Fully inspect the entire plant for little tiny worms within your buds. Where there are bud worms there is rot.


Will do, but it only affected 2 buds. I have checked and cannot spot any worms. In the event I did find worms, what would be the remedy? I’ve read on Robert’s site to mix 2 ounces of soap in water and spray the plants down followed by rinsing. Is that what would be recommended? I inspect the plants daily. No worms.


I personally play search and destroy!

My main priority is taste, so I don’t risk spraying anything on my buds. As an outdoor grower, I expect losses.


Thank you! You people are awesome here. 6 of my seeds, unfortunately, did not germinate. I sent ILGM an email and they responded immediately, and sent out replacements which were already delivered (ILGM has a customer/client for life). I plan on growing Bluberry (fem) in our summer months. I’m looking forward to much higher yields. I originally wanted to order White Widow (fem) – and mistakenly got the auto flower version. So I’m getting a much lower yield than my intial intent. Oh well.

Thanks again.


Blueberry won’t let ya down
Great cannabis


I look forward to growing blueberry. Umm, I’m afraid the discoloring of buds is spreading. I’m going into week 12 and hope to have some bud by the time the grow cycle is complete. The leaves are wilted around the buds that are discolored, and have also lost their density. Should I remove the buds this is occurring to and what can I do to stop this. Btw there is not root rot or worms of any kind. Will upload photos shortly.



That’s bud rot and you need to carefully cut that discolored stuff off the plant but without disturbing pores and spreading it, if possible.

High humidity and lack of ventilation/circulation will or can cause what you have. It will keep spreading… Bummer.


Disappointing. This plant will be at 12 weeks this Thursday. Perhaps I can harvest earlier? Can anyone confirm, do the trichomes look clear or milky white? Thanks again! Screenshot_20180716-001525|281x500



After reading Robert’s article on bud rot, I did as recommended. And attempted to salvage the buds that are still unaffected – better than losing it all! Thanks for the direction, next time I’ll be better equipped.