Outdoor grow 5 weeks


Hello there! Newbie here girl, 30yrs old. 5 weeks ago I took some seeds from a bud stash and plant them all 3. The female is growing for 3 weeks outdoor. I dont know the strain but it looks more like am sativa one. Does she looks ok to you all? (5weeksold) I m not sure how long do I have to let her “live” from now on?.. i have two other pots with 2 plants, 4 weeks old but they are still in vegetative stage (indica ones). Can someone full me out with his/hers oppinion? Thank you very much


5 weeks old, is it a auto? she looks good to me but i am a novice.


Looking good !! Definitely a female
Happy growing


Definitely a sativa fan leaves are not fat. Unless it’s an auto or indoors i don’t see how she’s flowering. But she is lol at least 2 months from now.


Those are the others 2 flowers iI was ralking about, like indica. Mhm? :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like it to me


To mee too!


They look amazing


The one that’s flowering.looks like an Sativa auto, which should be impossible if she came from bag seed. The other two are definitely Indicas that are probably photo types.


All are looking great @HvtAna1988 welcome to ILGM! Hope you enjoy it here. Happy growing.


Thank you very much, @Covertgrower ! Yes… I already enjoy it here… more traffic/chat, more entertaining! :stuck_out_tongue:


Again, welcome!

The harvest time will depend a lot on what latitude you are at. With just that information, we can team you up with other members from the same general line.

Your sativa tend to have longer flowering times than the indicas, so if you are far to the north, you may want to prepare to protect them from the cold temps. A makeshift greenhouse can serve that purpose.

We have many northern growers that can also help with selecting strains better suited for the shorter growing seasons. I mention this because Eastern Europe makes me think northern latitudes and it looks like you are growing outside.

Your girls are looking good! May you harvest enough to share…


You are doing great, and you should have no problem with the budding sativa growing to
full maturity. If you have any questions, then ask. Everyone I have encountered has been very affable, and will happily help. We all have many things in common. For example, Grow erb to save money, know what’s in your smoke, and the joy it brings in many facets. If the sativa seed came from a commercial brick, then that could be why it’s budding. Have a good Evening.


Hello and greetings to everyone from Costa Rica! I can’t figure out how to start a new topic here, so I will respond in this thread with a question. I am currently growing White Widow auto flower (purchased from ILGM) outdoors, in a grow house I built. I am presently at 4 and 5 weeks. Can somebody please tell me how many weeks until harvest? Some people say 10 weeks, while others say 90 to 95 days.

Thank you.


White Widow auto flower at 5 weeks. I am a beginner and would like some feedback. How does it look?


White Widow auto flower at 4 weeks. Does everything look okay?


Grow house.


It depends 90 days from sprout to harvest on autos however they can go longer or even shorter I had some of mine go 120 days


Thank you! Please excuse me; I’m a first time grower. The color of the pistils will determine when to harvest? How will I know when it’s ready?


Some growers go by 70-90 % red hairs
But I have found it best to use a magnifier to check the trichomes