Outdoor grow. 4x Gold Leaf, 5x AK-47


Outdoor grow in Aus, started off with 10 seeds and lost 1. Seeds were sprouting roughly on september 20th, first couple weeks had very limited growth due to being in a spot at home with limited to no sunlight. Once they started getting sun everything came good, transplanted to 2 (I’m guessing 2) gallon pots after 1 month and started using the booster kid and skyrocketed from there. I’ll be posting updates/questions in this post every week/couple weeks/month. Any feedback or help to questions is appreciated, cheers and happy growing!


The grow at 7.5 weeks. Haven’t been properly watered in over a week due to heavy rain, were nearly bone dry when I went out there today so some leaves are slightly wilting. Will be transplanting into 10 gallon pots tomorrow (ones in the background of first photo). Gave them a few hundred ml’s of water today just to get them through till tomorrow when they will get a proper water once transplanted. Will give them about 2litres each to start off with and increase as they get bigger.

The next photos are of the largest plant of the bunch (gold leaf). I haven’t grown in a few years and it seems like it has an awful lot of pistils for being 7 weeks old in an outdoors grow. Days are still getting longer and will be for quite a while. Is this all normal?

This one plant only is showing purpling of the stems, I’m guessing a nitrogen deficiancy due to lack of feeding (only rainwater for a week and a half, and soil was almost bone dry when i went out). If anyone could take a look and give their opinion would be much appreciated.



Purple in the stems can be from the rain, it is often a sign of over-watering in container growing.



Thanks for the reply mac. Just had another solid two days of rain. Quick question, through the flowering period, will a few days of constant rain cause mould? And if so, will a week of sunshine then cure the mould problem?


Roughly 9 weeks in. Couple plants showing early signs of flowering for some reason while the rest are all still in full veg mode. Not sure why this is, if anyone has an idea let me know. All looking healthy anyway, learning a lot for next year.


Looking good mate , let me know how they end up
I’m keen to grow the gold leaf next season outdoor in n.s.w.


Mate I would strongly suggest gold leaf for a nsw outdoor, it is almost twice as good as the ak-47 is going and seems to handle the strong heat well. This is the first proper grow I’ve put effort into, had two grows in the past but nothing serious, and these gold leafs are smashing any plants I’ve seen before.


Two of the gold leafs. Still well over two months to go


Nice looking plants my friend, enjoy! Mike


Nice !! Thanks for the news , I’m deffo going to try them next season