Outdoor Grow 2020. Blue Dream + Gorilla Glue + Vanilla Frosting

Second year grower here, wanting to keep a record of my grow so I will better remember the details than last year.

4.24 - got four clones. 2 BD, 1 each GG and VF.

Began transitioning them from 24 hours of light in preparation to moving outdoors.
With a plan of moving outdoors on June 1, I began giving them 22 hours light and 2 hours dark, and then added 30 minutes of dark app. every two days.

5.3 update
I noticed small flies hovering round the plants. Closer inspection revealed many more crawling in the dirt of the pots. Ack, root maggot flys! Closer inspection revealed that the majority of activity was in my friends clones. Turns out my friend (who I was letting share my light space) hadn’t used new/clean soil when he potted his clones. After reading options for treatment (Hydrogen peroxide applications, using potato chunks to attract the maggots, repotting with fresh soil), I decided to repot with fresh soil and then water with a 1-4 hydrogen peroxide solution. In pulling the plants out for repotting, I was impressed by how much the roots had progressed. So much so that I elected to move to bigger pot sizes for the duration of the indoor period. Picture showing root growth.

May 14
Clones continue to look healthy and exhibiting slow but steady growth. Light reduction continues, so they are now at app. 16 hours of light and 8 hours of dark. “Sunrise” occurring at 6am to mimic anticipated move to outdoors on June 1.



The GG is getting much taller than the others, and rangy. Based on its being almost double the size of the others, and seeing a good weather forecast for the upcoming week, I decide to experiment and move it outdoors earlier than originally planned.

Transferred to a 20 gallon smart pot, Fox Farms soil. Placed under 40% shade cloth cover to let it harden and get used to outdoor light.


The good weather forecast continues, and the GG has shown no ill effects from moving outdoors prior to June 1. (I was being cautious for fear of early budding shock, but its producing more normal growth.). So, I’m now repotting and moving the remaining two BD’s and the VF. Transferring to 20 and 25 gallon smart pots. Size on days they went outdoors were:

Gorilla Glue = 12" when moved on 5.20
Blue Dreams = 14" and 16" when moved on 5.24.
Vanilla Frosting = 11" when moved on 5.24.


(Blog now caught up to the actual day…past posts were historical data.)

Plants continue to grow vigorously. Initially, mostly upwards and not branching much, so they looked strange, almost like phone poles. But then branching started to catch up and is vigorous. Shade cloth was removed on 6.1. They’ve just come through their first heat wave (several days in the high 80’s to 90 degrees) with no ill effect.

Growth is impressive.

GG is now 36", so 24" of growth in 16 days outdoor.
BD’s are 29" and 31", so 15" of growth in 12 days outdoor.
VF is 22", so 11" of growth in 12 days outdoor.

(Pictured GG (the branchier one) and a BD).

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Looking good :+1:

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More good growth. But while three of the plants are beginning to show more branching development, the fourth is more focused on lateral growth with less vigorous branching. I’ve decided to top this plant. Three reasons why:

1)It looks rangy and isn’t showing good branch development.
2)It’s got an asymmetrical stem, so I ponder if it will be more prone to snapping/breaking as it gets taller or laden with bud weight.
3)It’s one of the two Blue Dream, and almost identical in height to the other, so it will be interesting to see how the topped vs. untopped plants proceed through the season.

So with sharp sanitized scissors and some trepidation (amazing how you can get attached to these girls), I made the cut. We’ll see how this goes. Hopefully, not too much shock/stunt and more lower branch development.

GG is now 39"
BD are 36" and 32 " (the latter after topping)
VF is 25".

(Pictured, left to right: VF…topped BD…GG…untopped BD.

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Looking good brother :ok_hand: :+1:

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Topping the gangly BD had the desired effect. Minimal apparent shock to the plant. Upward growth slowed, but branching/girth has increased significantly. (Photo for comparison to picture from previous post. Topped BD on left in both. Note how far the lower branches have extended in the four days since topping.)

All plants now receiving 1 gal. filtered water every other day.
GG - 44"
BD - 40" and 35 " (the latter after topping)
VF - 30".

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Vigorous growth continues, with plants picking up 1.5 to 2" daily. Current sizes:

GG -52"
BD (untopped) - 47"
BD (topped) 39"
VF - 35"

The effect of topping are quite obvious in the attached photo. BD’s are on right of picture; topped one in front. Much shorter a week after topping, but also bushing out much more prominently. Considering topping the other BD and GG this week.

Only point of concern at present is the VF. It was leaning over yesterday; not in a wilt but almost as if it suddenly couldn’t support its own weight. And when I was putting in a stake to support it, a mistaken move knocked an entire branch off, right at the stem attachment point. I was surprised by the fragility. I’ll be watching it closely. I also elected to stake the other plants as well. Concerned that a windy day might snap them, or a critter climbing in could do the same. Hoping that their stems will begin to toughen up and thicken some more soon. Suspect they will.

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Good morning Repins12. I note that you described yourself as a former guerrilla, so expect you have way more experience than me. Any thoughts on the fragility issue? I only grew one other crop, last year. Those plants progressed waaaay slower than this years batch. Last year, after a month outside I’d picked up about 18" growth. This year it’s double that. I think doing the clones under lights for a month after purchase (as opposed to a week last year) gave me a jump start in root growth and that’s why these are so fast out of the gate now that they’re outside. Hoping they’ll firm up in their stem structure as they move forward.

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They may still be hardening off from the switch to outdoor conditions :v:

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Hi @DaddysLittleFatty some strains need more support than others. And if they didn’t have a fan on them indoors to promote strong stems that may be part of it also. I make bamboo cages with zip ties for mine. They’re inexpensive and you can tweak them for each plant. Hope this helps maybe.

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I have used something similar in the past but, used branches from surrounding growth in the woods :+1: :v:

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Thanks for that Dagoose. I did similar last year with a combo of tomato cage and green stakes, but I like your idea even better. Last year though, I wasn’t worried about support issues until the bud weight came on. Guess it’s never too soon to give some support though.

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Good point! I start with just a center pole too until the buds start weighing them down. Have twice made the mistake of being lazy and paid the price. Had one split right down the middle lol…won’t do that again…

Happy Gardening bro!



Bugs came on scene, so it got a bit busy this week. Been seeing lots of cabbage moths flying around, but this week, found two resting on the undersides of my leaves in the morning. That caused me to do a more meticulous inspection, and I found a few chew marks on the plant, a leafhopper, a green/black beetle. Add that all up, and it felt like time to spray. Did an application of Monterey Bay insect spray on 6.19, and will likely continue to do so every 10 days. I also put up deer netting around the plants, to cut down on the visits by cabbage moths. Also topped the GG on the 19th, and will soon do the same to the second BD. They are both at my eye level already, and I don’t want to tend to plants I can’t see the tops of. I’d rather go with topping and more breadth. Watering continues at 1 gal. every other day. Likely to begin bat guano supplement soon. Weekly totals are:

GG - 55" (topped)
BD - 57" (untopped)
BD - 43" (topped)
VF - 38" (untopped)


Topped the second BD, as its combined pot/plant height was approaching 7’and I don’t want it any taller; too hard to see what’s going on up there. All of the plants are putting on nice branching now. Netting seems to be helping to reduce the number of cabbage moths on the plants; have only spotted one in the enclosure since I put it up. The topped BD had another beetle and I see a couple of chewed leaves, so 2nd application of Monterey Bay is happening tomorrow.

GG - 55” (topped)
BD - 65” (newly topped)
BD - 48” (topped)
VF - 42” (untopped)

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The growth and progress really catch your eye when you don’t watch on a daily basis. We went away for 4 days, and came back on 7.3. The plants looked so much bigger after that little time, and budding has begun on 3 of the four plants. I’m sort of shocked how early it is; last year, the buds began in early August (as best I recall).

GG, VF, and the topped BD are flowering. The untopped BD looks like it may be starting but it’s not conclusive. In light of the budding, I’ll now begin:

  • Bat guano applications with watering. (1 tsp. per gallon. Once every 3 weeks).

-Earth Juice Rainbow Mix Pro Bloom (2-14-2). 2T per foot of plant height, mixed into soil.

-Also likely to increase water from 1 gal. every 2 days to 1.5 gallon. They seem to be drinking it up more quickly now as they’ve grown in size.

VF = 45” and flowering.
GG = 55” and flowering.
Topped BD = 50” and flowering.
Untopped BD = 69” and possibly starting to flower.

Overall, very happy with their vitality and condition. Need to do a detailed inspection of the leaves to look for pests or aphid eggs soon, just in case. Netting seems to really be helping keep the cabbage moths off. I’ve only seen two in the enclosure since putting it up.

Pictures: The topped and untopped BD. The GG and VF. The cluster(hard to get them all in one photo now due to size. Nice problem.). And closeups of the budding on GG and VF.

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