Outdoor Grow 2018


It’s been awhile since my last post.

Here’s what I got going now:
Random Strain - Bagseed
All Outdoor
15 gal Fabric pot with some organic soil from Walmart (low budget at the time of transplant, usually use Fox Farm Happy Frog)
Using LST training to make her all bushy
Green Planet Nutrients (MediOne and Liquid W8)
Mammoth P Microbes (really excited to try this product out!!! My local hydroponic store highly recommended and gave me a test bottle)

Had some pH problems at the beginning because wasn’t properly calibrating my pH and PPM

meter. But all gucci now!

let me know what y’all think of her!


Holy lollipop Batman lol looks good but remember you need those fan leaves for sugar production during flower so I would not take to many more of them wounderful sugar producers


Yes she’s lost a lot of leaves in the process. She’s making a comeback now though.


Here is a few more pictures. One from the top and side. One showing the size of the fan leaves and the stem where I topped then LSTed the plant.



Update: I added some bamboo and got creative (lol) to how I could support her the best before she flowers.

Trimmed off the lower growth that isn’t getting much light or won’t produce any substantial.

Just in the last couple of days, she has been starting to pop pistils everywhere and is starting to stack on all the colas. Since I noticed this, I started to add some of the Green Planet: “Massive” nutrients to aid with flowering.

So stoked to see what she produces!



Btw the bamboo sticks are 4ft cuts so that can give you some idea on the dimensions of that beautiful canopy :slight_smile:


Update! More LST and more pistils popping off.



I have a question, I’m a first time outdoor grower, and my two females have little balls on them, and I’m concerned they got pollinated by a Male. I’ll go take some pics to include in my next post.