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My “Queen of Hearts” named after proclaiming " OFF WITH HIS HEAD " when it was discovered that her companion in the wife’s flower garden, was in fact a male intruder. The Queen is doing pretty well considering temps in the 90s, followed by Monsoon rains. She is about 5ft tall, and has some very healthy growth going on, and some nice branches that are growing near the bottom. I would like to hear some opinions on weather I should prune those branches, so that the top of the plant will fill in more. I have already cleaned up some leaves that were actually hanging to the ground. Because of the surounding vegetation she gets more sun on her top half, so those lower branches have grown upward and like I said look really healthy. Here are some pics I just took.

I would like your input, this being my first Grow, I’m not sure witch is more fun indoor, or outdoor. I’m having fun with both. @tanlover442@HornHead @Budbrother @Drinkslinger


Looks healthy, but not very dense. How old?
I trim my lower growth when it gets shaded by the upper growth. But yours doesn’t seem to have shade problems yet. Trimming is like a haircut, and the plant will direct the growth energy into what’s left.

I suggest trying some nutrient additives to stimulate it.

Depends on how much of a growing season you have left.

But…since you asked…I would suggest you trim off some of the smaller branches and the little leaves on the rest of the Queen. Neither of those will produce buds worth effort. This would allow the resources to be better used to make buds worth the effort.
Setting a few tomato stakes to help support her would also be a good idea.

I use Fox Farm Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom. I started this plant indoors and I transplanted it when I realized my tent was to small, I think the weather may have had had something to do with it not filling out, but I’m not sure. That’s why I’m asking for help. :slight_smile:

This is when she went into the ground.

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I have mold question. I have some white widow autos starting my 8 week of flower growing outdoors. I figure I’ve got 1 or 2 weeks left. We have been under a uncommon humanity dome that’s suppose to last a mother week at least. In the last there days I’ve watched a 6" nugget go to mush. I removed but another 3 plant look like the plant I remover the moldy section.
My question is do you suggest I harvest now or wait full term?

Can you get some pictures?

Both are fun, but outside is always better. You get the best light ever-changing the sun

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