Outdoor Greenhouse

Got tomatoes and cucumbers in my greenhouse. They seem to be doing well but summer time here is damn hot. I have some babies growing now and I’m concerned on rather or not to put them in there in a few weeks

Im in Texas as well. Never had an issue with vegetables so I’ll be putting an auto outside in a few weeks to see how they do. I’m a little more concerned with the humidity than the heat.

Yeah…that too. I leave the door opened some and the top vents are open to get a breeze. But on those 90° + days, it wont be to hot in there??

I’m not sure yet. This will be my first outdoor experience. Vegetables took the 100* temps no problem so we’ll see. I do know a guy that gorilla grows outdoors here and pulls pounds each harvest.

I grow outside in pots. Its hard to keep them watered but did ok last year. Got about 2 lbs off of 4 girls. But they were under a tree so they got alot of morning sun and just a little in the late evening. This greenhouse is in the wide open and just walking in, you can feel the difference. But my cucumbers and tomatoes are loving it…right now.

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I’ve got a lot of trees and foliage and latticed pergolas so I can always find a mix of shade and sun. Can’t do anything about the humidity though. How does the humidity do in the greenhouse?

As of right now, the vegies are growing. Not bearing anything to eat just yet, to small. But I know when I go in there, its really hot and I sweat like a slave… Have the girls still in pots. Have transferred one to a big pot, she’s doing ok on the porch. Got 4 more still in a starter pot. I gotta get more soil to transplant soon