Outdoor greenhouse Michigan

Hello all I have grown in the past in a undercurrent rdwc but since sunlight is pretty cheap I decided to capitalize on the season as it will be here soon, I hope. (Snowed today) Anyhow I have a few strains from ilgm and a few others I have getting ready.

Super silver haze
Girl Scout cookies extreme

I made a mistake and got medicated before transplanting the ssh and crystal and I forgot to label them :rofl:

I’m sure I’m not the first person to do so… I’m going to attempt to post a picture or 3 feel free to comment.


I feel like that green house need more plants jeje

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Looks nice so far. Im sure down the road the plants will let u know whats what or someone here who grew them will be able to tell ya. Looks nice so far. Good luck and welcome

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Bigger pots! Makes bigger plants!

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6 of the 7 plants pictured are going into 45 gallon smart pots. Soon as weather permits