Outdoor Greenhouse - 7m x 7m x 3m


Hi good people,
Looking for advice/suggestions/input on best way to maximize the grow area as best as possible in an outdoor greenhouse.

Would starting from seed or clone be most suitable for a 2 to 3 yield annual turnover? Reason for grow - local medicinal supply, so best strain suggestion welcome.

Sunlight - (Mid summer @14,5hrs - Mid winter @ 10,5hrs) Temps in mid winter bottom out at 7/8 degrees Celsius…

Greenhouse dimensions - 7m x 7m x 3m(h)

Growing medium - healthy local earthworm soil (tested on a few decent small grows to date on very average seeds(thus far)…but got some ILGM :wink:

Potted - 20l buckets(healthy drainage)

Hand watered

Attached pic of frame, which will be modified before finding its home/location & covering.


Very nice and with a lot of potential…
You can grow 40 autofliwers in5 gal bucket in it 3x in a year or you can do 9 photos in 50 gal. 2x year…
The autos will yield around 2 oz each and photos in 50 gal can yield 1-2 lb each…
I have 5x5x3m greenhouse and will be growing 6 photos in 50 gal pot in winter…


Hold on Dreaming! Very nice. Would love the work load to come.
But I like that kind of work.
Good luck.


Id love to have one of these! Nice … @Babwe-Buds good luck with your grow


Nice setup,best of luck with the grow! :+1: