Outdoor grape god 4-6 weeks into flower. 2nd year grow. Thoughts please

Hi all what’s people’s thoughts on my 2nd grow ever? 4 plants in total all started from clones. Everything I know I learnt from this site.


The greenhouse frame is 1700mm square and 900mm high. Had to cut all the sides out and remove the lids as I dramatically underestimated the size they would get too. I also don’t seem to be able to stop the yellowing of the fan leaves and now just assume it’s just part of it’s genetics.

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WOW! Looks amazing! :+1:

Maybe pluck out those yellow leaves. Not helping you any at this point. Not that you could ever find them all in that mass of awesomeness.

Thanks :smiley:
I spend around an hour every 3-4 days trying to get them out.