Outdoor Gold Leaf in Foam Pot w/o Drain Holes

Gold Leaf Fem
Garden dirt/potting soil mix
Week 7 veg

The other 2 are Blue Dream and another GL in FF Happy frog.

My Buddy gave me this foam(?) pot and I decided to experiment with it. Plant seems happy so far and the dirt dries fine but it’s pushing 5 ft so now I’m thinking about the future :rofl: I couldn’t find any previous posts so here’s my first post lol.

I might be able to leave it, but I’m wondering if it would be possible to drill this as is or would I have to transplant if things take a turn​:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


Sorry if I got the wrong category by the way.

I wouldn’t recommend transplanting a mature plant unless there are problems. I don’t really see any problem if the soil is drying out in a reasonable time between waterings. I would go ahead and pill those pots the rest of the way up with soil to within an inch or 2 from the top of the pot. The plant will naturally put out more roots from the nodes that you bury.

I recommend using fabric pots next time.

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If you really need to add drain holes get yourself a 1/2in hole saw heat it up on some steal or wood by running it dry then hold it the the bottom corner of the pot .the foam will meltdown and not damage the roots


@Waldy178 just wanted to report back that I went ahead with that idea. Propane torch and a rod from my deer target…worked out great. Thanks again.


One mans hole saw is another mans propane torch and deer target rod. :joy::metal:


Well :eyes: kinda hard not to go with a hot rod in the summer :joy:




Broke this main TWICE(short person moment) knotted up nice I think…

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Foam pot ain’t doin as bad as I thought it would :rofl: still a happy lady. Been using the leaves and dropping them on her own pretty good. Still gonna start defoliating soon. SIA can’t really reach the top of that one very well.

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Looking good! I see you have the Mantis on security detail. :sunglasses::+1:t2:

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Thanks! Yeah it showed up a day or 2 ago…had a lady bug before that too🐞 I looked for it tonight before I left n couldn’t find it. We’ll see tomorrow if he stuck around lol.

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