Outdoor girls flowering nicely

i have two plants i am growing from a few seeds i got out of a bud i was given. i really
like the nice pink colour thats developing one this one.

the buds are thickening up nicely.

lots of bugs living in the plants

cant wait to try them.


Welcome to the community!

Outdoor weed = :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: seeing it in the sun; well indoor weed is really nice, too, haha.

That pink is very pretty! Do you know what strain it is?

hi. its a great community from what i have seen so far.
unfortunately i have no idea what strain they are. i am guessing
a sativa x of some sort


I’m a sucker for colorful plants, that pink is especially pretty.

Great looking grow!

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thanks. i grew some plants ages ago and the flowers when dry were the darkest purple
almost black, the smell and taste were yummy. unfortunately that was pre camera phones and
digital cameras. i love the colourful plants also.

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welcome to the community. they are looking great. i like to see outside grows

I have an update regarding the strain. It’s a strain called Green Dope. Sort of dissapointing name compared to all the othe names for strains. I dont think the buds will dissapoint. They are smelling magnificent when you brush against them .

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