OUTDOOR gelato. harvest or not?

Hi, me again.

this is my first grow so i dont want to be over keen on harvesting. can anybody tell me if these are looking close?

also, would most of you recommend putting them in dark room for a day or 2 before chopping?

day 62

thanks so much

They still seem a bit light and airy. was hoping they would be denser. if i hold on is there chance they will plump up?


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Good morning :smiley:. How long have they been in flower? They look like they have a good ways to go yet. The only way to tell for sure is to look at the trichomes up close. A little more detail about your grow would also help. :blush::v:

I tried the 2 days of dark. Hated the results. Made the humidity shoot up, and the buds got airy. Never again, for me.

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they are on day 62 of flowering. outdoor grow with fairly decent sunshine throughout the day. southeast facing. im in mallorca, spain.

i topped them and chopped back a lot of lower brances to create a canopy but that is about it. ive just been using liquid nutrients a couple times a week and left them to do their thing

thanks for your response, i appreciate it

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yes, ive heard that can be the case. thanks

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Does it ever get cold there? The cold of early autumn nights seems to make them get tight. I’m fairly new so…

Weather permitted let it ride,

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this summer has been a long one. the light has shifted but the heat and humidity has remained which i thinbk may mean a longer flowering period no?

the night temp is what it normally should be in september

thanks to everyone for your contributions

Couple more shots

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Anybody got an idea? Think I’ll let them go a bit longer

yeah, letting them go a bit longer. thanks

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