Outdoor flowering times, Photos

About a month along into my outdoor grow and living in New England. Got me thinking about the temp and weather later on. Curiosity brought me to google the sunrise sunset calendar. Is late September bad for starting the natural 12/12 cycle? We’ve definitely had 80° days in October, but also blizzards that canceled Halloween lol Going to upload the calendar I found for when the hours start to even out. Strains strawberry K Afghan and Durban

Yea usually November to October are harvest times out doors so no thats about usual any where from mid August to September


OK, sounds good. My only enemy will be Jack frost.

Thanks for this chart… being from the cape and a few plants outside…this is very helpful… :sunrise:

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Can male plants affect female plants before that and turn them into hermes? Like now? Before August?

That’s a good question, never thought of that. I have another journal for sexing my Durban’s early. Hopefully won’t run into any problems. You have some unknown bag seeds right @SourD? Going to start round 2 today.

Perfect day for an experiment :) - #5 by bruinsfan33

Here’s the link , does weather too I think.

Many thanks…gonna check it out… :eyeglasses:

If the male plants burst and leave a whitish powder on the female leaves until they flower yes its very likely, the whitish powder is pollen

Yes I have unknown bag seed growing in proximity to the autos and clones but I keep hearing I won’t know the sex until August. Should I separate the bag seed plants from the autos and clones? @Majiktoker @bruinsfan33

Until they show I don’t think it matters.

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I dont think it matters either

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My harvest last year was mid Sept. I’m in Western NC and at little elevation in the mtns with cooler temps along that time. @Majiktoker @bruinsfan33

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