Outdoor - Flowering, Harvest & Pest Control

Hey people :wave:t3:

Growing outdoors, under a greenhouse type structure - I have transparent netting over the top to assist in keeping bugs out (not super effective). Not sure on the strain, some sort of sativa.

My plants have just entered into the flowering stage in the last 2 weeks. Looking pretty tasty & I am getting super excited.

I haven’t had any issues with bugs up until now, of course! I’ve just found some nasty caterpillars :rage: I have picked off all the ones I could see, we have baby green tree frogs using the plants as habitat so I don’t want to go spraying anything that would harm them. Any tips for some home made sprays that won’t harm my frog friends, or am I better off just picking the caterpillars off?

In my reading I have seen that caterpillars can contribute to bud rot, so I obviously want to get on top of that before my girls go full swing hey?

Since it’s my first grow, I’m a little confused about how I should be monitoring & engaging with the plant as it begins to flower & form buds. Any resources/tips you can point me towards for a real, class A newbie?
(Added some pictures of my girls too; check out how cute the frog is!)

Manual removal
Spray, homemade or commercial insecticide
Aka save frogs then spray?
Or introduction of predictors: Trichogramma wasps and Podisus maculiventris (stink bugs, you can buy these!)

Butterflies = eggs beware!

Your time is very limited, they eat fast and cause bud rot quickly