Outdoor Field Blend + Indoor Project

Wtf! Paddled?

My apologies to your ass @Cannabian


Yeah they had these flat wooden paddles about 2 feet long? And maybe 7 inches wide or so? If you were in for a severe lickin you got the swiss version… it had 1 inch holes like cheese :cheese: in it, that baby friken hurt! Parents had to sign a release to authorize corporal punishment. My mom would likely never have signed it had she known. Shes dead now and I forgot to ask her about that


I will be learning from you my friend. No outdoor growing for me,being in a illegal state and all of that :unamused:


Looking great. Nice work. I’m following.

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Terrible pics and just cut em up, don’t do them justice etc but stick around and I’ll get some under-net closeups, flower shots soon!

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@Happilyretired @Budlite @Dman1969 @ThcinKC

Your input more than welcome fellas! Following yours as well


Everything’s lookin in order captain!


I see you mention in Napa cool… I grew up there… my sister still lives there … I’m out in the valley …Small world…

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Turned out just one BBM lol me… smaller version of what you got cooking!

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No kidding @Happilyretired I figured I’d run into some neighbors cuz c’mon, NorCal = Weed Geeks

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We need to have a social distancing smoke out one day…:joy::rofl::rofl::sweat_smile:


I’m diggin everything!! :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand: Set to watching. Keep on keeping on!!


Oh heyyy welcome @Dman1969 :rofl:

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So, do you have a netting “tent” around each separate plant?
I grow outdoors (SF Bay Area) and chase the white moths around with a tennis racket, then I spray Bt. I’m just starting to flower, the veg cycle was kinda boring, just pour water on them.

Vegging in my raised bed:


Ooooh nice 'maters mang! My new cherry tomato plant literally doubled in size over last week so I’ll have something better to show off soon-ish

The nets (2) are each 15x20’ and get draped over the 8x2x2’ beds (2), secured at the planter lip at several diff locations to keep all unwelcome creatures at bay.

Can’t tell you how much easier it makes this outdoor deal, especially organic - been doing it for years but this year first time with these raised planter-box beds.


While we’re on the subject…

  • ‘AgFabric for Birds and Insects’
  • Wood clamps, or strong clothespins work
  • Preventative organic sprays up till :sunflower:
  • Sit back and crack a beer or five😁

Never could keep my plants contained enough to net, but I’ve been tempted!

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@AAA I have zero doubts you’d have some trouble there :laughing: I plan to extend the height/width as needed using wood beams to increase the ‘frame’ if you will - 30x30’ nets on deck
They’re currently anywhere from 3-6’ now and just about to hit they’re stretch by the looks of things, don’t think I’ll be needing those biggens this year - I’ll loan ‘em to you for now??!!:rofl:

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I had veg’d a whole bunch of gals (Purple Punch/Mango Kush/Sunset Sherbet) in what was the “old yard” up through late June which are now happily fruiting like crazy indoors elsewheres

These clones were given to me by buddy who helps run a local shop but we’re already stretched out in 1gals, not ideal but hey, FREE

Hoping indoor project will provide me some solid gals to put outside and really set it off🔥 @kaptain3d knows what I’m talking bout


Purple Punch

Mango Kush

Sunset Sherbet

And so on, but the space was sh*t! Now…