Outdoor early flowering problems

The single leaves are pretty common for plants re entering veg. I’ve had clones do that if I take them too late.

When you put an indoor plant that’s been under 18/6 or higher lighting, outdoors under significantly less lighting, it’ll begin flowering.

It may take a month or so, but if your light hours are increasing eventually she’ll straighten out.

Be sure to take some precautionary pest control if you’re outdoors

Just watch them. I had certain parts of my plants mature more than that while others revegged. If that’s the extent of the bulk to your buds you should be fine on bud rot.

This would be a good time to train your plants via pruning or lst/ bending.

If you take those branches and bend over horizontally you will get vertical shoots/colas off of them. If not they will start branching off the main stems making multi headed, yet very bushy colas which could be very dense and invite mold/bud rot.

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Thank you for your response to my posts.

I appreciate that.

Certainly not something ive come across but a complete novice really

Especially after reading roberts tips and information

So this brings me to my next question training the tips out horizontal.

Best way using wire to support them what comes to mind.

Be difficult to do sea of green method.

Any suggestions.

Once again thanks for taking the time to respond to my enquiry


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Wire, bamboo sticks, string with weights tied to the ends, it’s how ever you want. They will get big.

Here is a photo of my giant NL that did that. Check out how bushy each branch is, instead of each large branch being a cola, each branch had small buds growing out from the center making it really crowded with separate buds that all had there own sets of leaves causing dense leafy buds.


Wow thats a big patch of weed for a back yard.

Yep looks pretty much like my 3 girls.

So there’s hope they regroup and create more buds.

Especially if i do some branch training.

Thanks for sharing your pictures

What part of the world is this photo taken.

And what where you feeding them?

Why do you think yours went back into veg stage?

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Southern California. Amended local soil, occasional watering with compost tea and epsom salt.

I planted too late for them to finish as a winter/early spring crop and too early as a normal fall crop.


So if i read that correctly they wintered over at some stage and in the end you got the plants to bud up nicely.

I live in new zealand top of the south island.

Gets most sunshine hours in the country usually.

Been an exceptional summer for wind this year and only had 6 mls rain since 20th december.

I got onto this seed bank a bit late to plant by the time the seeds arrived.

I planted 4 seeds 3 died 2 gorillas 2 Bergman gold.

It was the gorilla that survived so it will be interesting to see how that fairs starting so late into the grow season.

I used to have compost tea brewing in barrels stirring them clock wise then anti clockwise.

There still sitting there after many years. To scared to use it now due to not knowing how potent it is.

They got left behind when we bought this land that was a pine forrest til i learned how to be a lumberjack now 5 years on my times spent planting native watering native trees.

Everything else that goes with living off the grid in a house truck.

Epsom salts interesting what stage do you add that to your plants.


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Hi there thank you for your information very appreciated.
Yes i will do some experiments with training the new branches down horizontal.
Opening up the bushyness a bit create more heads.
Never done that before any previous attempts to grow i have just plonked them in the ground or bag and get what i get.
Time to up my game of im investing in quality seeds.
Get the best out of them i can.
Cheers for checking in.

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Compost tea should not be brewed for more than 36 hours, its goes anaerobic.

Epsom salts help with terpene production and are a good source of magnesium.

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Hope you dont mind all my questions.
One leads to the next.
That was my feeling about the compost tea.
What do you make your tea with.
And when do you and how much Epsom salts do you use.
Same with the tea.
Do you throw the Epsom salts on at the base of the bush or mix with water first.
My drums of liquid started out as making EM
efficient micro organisms fed with molasses.
Starts with some compost or worm castings in the lawn after some rain. Added to water then rice is soaked and the starch is added to the mix followed by the molasses that feed the microorganisms.
Ment to be good stuff.
Like to get it back up and running.

There are a million recipes, but the most basic is earth worm castings, kelp meal, and molasses.

Healthy active compost such as vermicompost (worm compost.) Use 2 cups per 5 gallons of water. Fungal food source: Liquid or powdered kelp, 2 tablespoons per 5 gallons
Bacterial food source: Sweet, unsulphered molasses, 2 tablespoons per 5 gallons.

Epsom salts can be added to your soil mix, top dressed, or dissolved in water.

I use a tbs per gallon of water.

Questions are good!,

Sweet. So wasn’t too far off the mark with the liquid compost.

Similar ingredients.

Im interested in how your getting your grow through your now winter.

Are they inside or outside.

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Outside, first wave. I’m trying to get 5 clones ready to put outside ASAP.

Here they are today:

Close up of NYC Diesel:

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Hi just an up date the plants did what you said they are happily forming nice little buds on trained down branches…
I notice some buds are more mature and have nice dark fibres while most still white and forming.
What you think. Pick the brown ones dry them and smoke it.

A pic will help. :+1:

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Hi just to recap on a thread of emails we had going few months back.
Im interested in knowing more about what to feed the plants as they enter and go through the flowering stage.
You mentioned Epsom salts for the turpentines. How much and and how often.
Just last couple weeks ive added some liquid seaweed. Be great full for any tips.

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1 teaspoon per gallon of water, or less depending on how often you water with it.

I always err on the side of less