Outdoor drying temps?


Has anyone successfully dried outdoors in the fall? I think the temps are too low at night now, getting down into the 40’s maybe even 30’s. I have a small plant that I harvested but I see some aphids on it and I don’t want to bring it inside and possibly have a bug problem. For now the few bugs seem stuck in resin but when it dries out I think they’ll be mobile again, if they live that long. I’d use a different room inside but it’s too stinky. Any advice?


I have no idea…but maybe can you give your plant one of the peroxide baths and then bring it in?


Yeah agreed id give it some kind of bath, then maybe let it dry outside as an extra pre caution. I had some buds that had bugs in it, washed them and they were all in the water, as well as some in the jar curing that were at the top by the lid so i left it closed for a few days and they all died and fell too bottom and i had to re wash the buds lol. Id think as long as they arent in direct sun and the temp and humidity is right they could dry outside.


I wonder if a few drops of dawn in the water used as a dunk would be enough to dislodge the aphids? Then a regular water rinse…? Maybe I’ll try a couple and see what happens.


Yeah first dunk in the dawn mixture second into clean water sounds like a good plan. Let me know the results


I would stay away from any soap unless you want your bud to taste like dish soap. Try a peroxide wash before anything else as that is the most benign action you could take. It will certainly kill the aphids.


Pure peroxide or diluted?


@Legalinmaine I believe it’s a cup in 5 gallons. Soak for 5 minutes then rinse with a garden hose.


I don’t know, Dawn does pretty well at cutting the resin off my fingers. Doing a couple first might be wise.



I wash like this works great if your trying to dry you can also go the paper bag route to dry


I’ve used the washing technique that @Hogmaster posted it works well and the bugs will come off with the bath and rinse :+1:
You’ll be surprised how much stuff comes off the buds
But you don’t loose any tricombes
Simply awesome :+1::sunglasses: thanks for posting the link again hog WooHoo :v:️CB


I just wish I would’ve seen it earlier


And I don’t know if it’s just me or what but every time I wash and then dry it seems to drive faster with a good wash then it does just to hang it after you cut it


@Legalinmaine I’m not sure you want to use dawn on them you may take the tricombes off since it is a know grease cutter type soap and I may leave a residue on buds if not rinses completely off
10/4 @Hogmaster hopefully you posted it soon enough I agree once washed they do seem to dry faster imo as well


Yeah I’m holding off on the dawn…thanks guys👍