Outdoor drying help

This is my first year growing. My other half does not support this endeavor so I grew outside but started late this year. I got a wedryer (fan operated herb dryer with activated charcoal filter) thinking I could swing drying inside.

Wellllll…. My whole house smells dank despite my really small harvest and no surprise, significant other is UPSET! Oops… lol. It’s obviously too late this year but looking ahead I should have a much larger haul next year by starting seeds at a more optimal time (high yield stain) and growing an additional plant so I need to be prepared.

My first thought is hanging the wedryer in a tent in the woods behind my house and run an extension cord but I live in Texas so it’s going to get hot… thoughts? Texas is also humid so there’s that…


If you are growing photoperiod plants they should finish about this time of year or sooner depending on where exactly you are in TX but it should be cooling off outside as they finish is what I’m getting at I dried in my garage for many years with temps in the 70s during the day. You might be able to get some big cardboard boxes to dry in

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I use a wedryer. If can smell it check fan and filter. Mine gives off no smell even packed. Best drying tool ever…lol. i dried 10 oz on vacation hanging in van plugged in and hotel rooms. Panhandle Texan.


Wtf! What do you mean check the fan and filter? Directions said how to put it together… I feel like their is not much air when I stick my hand in there but instructions said put the fan sticker side up… :woman_shrugging:

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Yea. Just suggesting check seals. I have no smell issues. If you do reach out to the company. Supposed to not smell so they would replace mine if a problem. Also airflow is minimal. A good thing.

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Yeah that’s a thought one, You can always pay for your partner a week’s vacation And when they return you have the weed dry an in the jars. Good luck


@Dinosaur welp guess being single isn’t all that bad at times…lol :partying_face:


I heard about wet curing yesterday. Put the bud (harvested and washed or whatever) in a jar with water (RO was suggested, I’ll be using spring water) and change the water every day for a few weeks. Then dry like normal. There shouldn’t be any smell.

@oldmarine Wow! I’ve never heard of that! I’ll look more into it thanks.

Never heard of it either. Might have to try a test next harvest.

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