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NL bush at 16 wks

Hi there,
Here we soon to be harvesting the last crop for 2020. The autos are my 2nd crop this summer + 1 NL feminised photoperiod at just past 16 weeks. The autos are at 10 weeks but will need another 3-4. It is very cool already and some of the autoflowers are getting some purple in them.


Gorgeous looking Ladies. :clap::clap::clap::+1:

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I have to agree with @Bulldognuts Plants are looking great. Outmotherfrickinstanding :+1: :v:

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Nice plants there mate, what state are you in? I’m in SA.

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Beat looking flowers @Brandy . Where abouts are you I’m in se Qld .

Live in tassie…

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It’s one word “awesome”,well done on cultivating this beautiful plant @Brandy,Luv the other pictures. I’m in the south west of Western Australia and our season is coming to an end also, I managed to successfully grow two healthy super skunks for myself. Anyway mate bong on and enjoy life.

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What a beautiful bush you have @Brandy!

JK, about the innuendo, but for real that’s a great bush. Wish I could do it outside.

From what I’ve heard . Central west Tassie is where I’d love to live . Beautiful place the whole place either way . Keep doing what you doing

Looks great