Outdoor, downunder

Hi there,
Here we soon to be harvesting the last crop for 2020. The autos are my 2nd crop this summer + 1 NL feminised photoperiod at just past 16 weeks. The autos are at 10 weeks but will need another 3-4. It is very cool already and some of the autoflowers are getting some purple in them.


Gorgeous looking Ladies. :clap::clap::clap::+1:

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I have to agree with @Bulldognuts Plants are looking great. Outmotherfrickinstanding :+1: :v:

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Nice plants there mate, what state are you in? I’m in SA.

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Beat looking flowers @Brandy . Where abouts are you I’m in se Qld .

Live in tassie…


It’s one word “awesome”,well done on cultivating this beautiful plant @Brandy,Luv the other pictures. I’m in the south west of Western Australia and our season is coming to an end also, I managed to successfully grow two healthy super skunks for myself. Anyway mate bong on and enjoy life.

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What a beautiful bush you have @Brandy!

JK, about the innuendo, but for real that’s a great bush. Wish I could do it outside.

From what I’ve heard . Central west Tassie is where I’d love to live . Beautiful place the whole place either way . Keep doing what you doing

Looks great

Hi @FrostyBuds,
I’m replying because,myself and my wife have lived in S.A.(Woodside)for many years,it’s a awesome :sunglasses: place,with down to earth people. This site is also awesome,because you can learn new tricks and great knowledge and as well, you can meet awesome new people!?. Hey don’t know much but one thing I know is west Aussie green is *^#•~_ awesome probably the best ???.. (Joke joyce,haha.) no but seriously guy have a nice long intake on ya bong for me. Enjoy life. Greenhands.

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Great to see another South Aussie here, South Aussie with Cosi.

Hey @FrostyBuds,
Ta for ya reply,it’s a great hobby and you get to be off ya tree all day long,hehe😎. I grew super skunks last season (well I say last season,because I’m smoking the results now !.)2020,I’m thinking I may try Roberts pride and Joy,well I think he bred this strain of seed !?..anyways haha bit of a red herring there,yeah as I was saying I think I will try some “Goldleaf strain this coming season 2021. Don’t know when you start your season @frostyBuds, but I start in early September around the 5th. That’s about when the frosts aren’t so bad and the rain is also not so bad. I’m in about Bunbury W.A. Been here for about 20years now, it’s fu**** top place to retire ,as I have for around 10years of that. Well mate happy grows and bong on, Greenhands.


I grew outdoor not last year but the year before and am still smoking it, when that runs out I have some indoor that I just grew, only got about 93g or 0.62gpw but it is potent.

Hey FrostyBuds,
Yeah I have dabbled with indoor growing,but I think outdoors is my thing. I’m looking forward to the new season,got some nice seeds from ILGM as I have mentioned before. Have a good one and enjoy. Greenhands.

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Hi @greenhands I am just admiring your grow. I am also living in WA just germinated and planted a strawberry cough seedling outside. Fingers crossed it grows well as I’m only a newbie at this any tips or help for outdoor grows in WA would be appreciated :+1:

Hello K8 downunder,
I don’t usually reply to emails out of the ILGM Forum,well not until I know for sure that you are who you say you are. I then ask you to correspond though the WHATS APP,which is much more secure than emails or normal messages as it’s fully encrypted !?.. or the ILGM Forum. I have no problem in communicating with you though what’s app. I’m in Bunbury, W.A. area,where are you approximately !?.. I will check you out on the ILGM FORUM. so until then have a good one or two. Mark. (Greenhands)


Hey K8 downunder,
Yup!?. I have checked ya out,the best I can anyways. You do seem legitimate enough to be a smoker of the green kind,ha,ha. Hey not a problem with any help you may need with your grow, I’ve been dabbling in green growing outside for quite a while now. Some good seasons and some not so good,it’s like most things in life,the more you do it,the better you will get !!?..so how’s your grow doing atm??.there’s quite a lot of knowledgeable people on this forum that probably can help you with any information you need,if I can’t help you. Hope to hear from you. Greenhands.


Yep , better to be safe then in gaol ( jail ) .

Hey @greenhands it’s all good man I’m a legit toker of the green kind lol… I live further North than you and inland a bit towards the Hills, good to see another fellow West Aussie on the site tho.

Anyway, it’s only my 2nd grow and my first grow turned out to be a hermie lol so I’m hoping for better success this time around.

The seedling is a strawberry cough (only 1 germinated) so I planted it in a jiffy pellet then transferred it into a 5g fabric pot which was mixed in coco coir peat moss, vermiculite and perlite. Soil is so light and fluffy.

I’ve been leaving it outside during the day to soak up the rays but bringing it inside at night (so bugs don’t eat it) when it is better established I plan to leave it outside permanently.

I bought some nutes today from my local hydroponics place, call them Reiziger Nutrients, have you ever heard of these nutrients Reiziger?? The guy in the shop recommend them so thought I would give it a try. All trial and error I suppose.

What do you find a good strain to plant for a Aussie outdoor grow?