Outdoor Desert Grow


I use nothing but rain. I just P H it to where it needs to be and that’s it.


Hi @garrigan65!

That sounds like a great option. I’m in North San Diego county, so rain is a luxury. It’s still drizzling since yesterday. Hope it stops so I can get my drip system scheme painted and assembled today :slight_smile:



Did you see where I had posted early the drip system that I use ? Check it out I can water up to 20 plants.


@garrigan65 I did see that yesterday when I found your grow journal. Your girls and watering setup look nice!!! Since I’m growing outdoors, 5 gallons won’t be enough when they get bigger. Last year each girl needed up to 2 gallons daily, sometimes a bit more when it was really hot. Funny, my grow last year was the fruity mix and gold leaf :slight_smile: The blueberry was a monster.



OK right on and what are you doing up so early out there I’em on the east coast EST 8:22 here so it’s 5:22 there.
Well then you can give me some pointers on the fruity pack then…


@garrigan65 I couldn’t sleep bro…kept thinking about my drip system. And starting a grow journal so I stop hijacking everyone’s threads lol. As far as pointers go, I can share what not to do…because I really don’t know much else.


Right on @DaGoose please tag me in on your journal buddy
Feel free to crash mine anyday though


Gonna be doin alot of topping and lst for sure!!


got these new bags for my teas
They are pump bags for a hydro set up but work great for tea steeping


I have another batch of tea brewing
2 cups bio fish
2 cups wormcastings
1 cup oystershell

The ladies got a camg+ , sm-90 , exile foliar spray
Exile is a miticide/fungicide
Sm-90 wetting agent
CaMg+ for cal/mag


I sprayed because I found root aphids in my veggie garden and do not want to take a chance of my cannabis garden getting them
It killed all the aphids in my veggie garden unless they all went in to hiding
Can not find any of em in the dirt


Super cropping on this gold leaf and she is taking it like a champ!!


Tried to get in there with the camera to show all the knuckles
She is responding quite well and I have not been gentle
The bottom pic is when I started bending






Trying to stay up on tags


And @Sasquatch and @garrigan65
When do we want to start the journal colective between us? Transplants are done here and girls going outside soon
Should we start by posting all of our recipies and then go from there? How ya guys wanna do it?



bob31 isn’t with us any more. Thought I would let you know that.



Training is looking good :+1:


That’s a good question @Growit . When to start? I grow outside so … I wont pop any seeds till about the last week of March. I cheated and got a premix recipe and added soil and worm castings a little moisture and its in a tub cooking. I’ll be using this for 2 plants. Ive got the list of ingredients for it. Thought it would be a good way to find out if I want to take the plunge to mixing my own

I think @garrigan65 is a little behind me