Outdoor Desert Grow



If your going to do a supper soil grow and i’m doing one then why don’t you and I get to getter with @Sasquatch who is doing a supper soil and do a journal togetter. Just think of all the information that will be in our journal…what do ya think ?



That might could work @garrigan65 I have my soil in a bin cooking.


The pump kit arrived today and I’m going low country using a 33 gallon trash can. Had a Harbor Freight pump so threw it in the bottom because I want to mix the nutes before feeding. It worked! It’s overkill but I had it. Measured my tap water with the DTS meter and it’s 450. So I need to reduce that to get a cleaner nute canvas. Buying this RV filter to connect to the spigot hose. Hopefully it will reduce that a bunch. Will post the results.

Took a few hits of Roberts Gold Leaf…just keep watching the water lol.



Sure absolutely!!


Right on sweet friggin set up dude!!


Transplant day



Nice setup, so by the sound of it , you can up with this idea your self ? using the 30 gal tub an all Sweeeeet.



@Growit and @Sasquatch

All we got to do now is come up with a name for our journal



Cool man I was never good on names
Super Soil 3 Way ?
See no good


@Growit Looking sweeet bro!

That roof might be need to be raised before October :smile:


Well Fellas, no joy on the filter which arrived today. The TDS/PPM did not drop at all, still around 440 or so. That’s the same as without the filter, and I even read the directions and let it run for 20 minutes. My RO water is 20. Will try again tomorrow.

Going to start my own grow journal and tag anyone interested, so I don’t keep hijacking everyone else’s.

Cheers All!!!


Oh no
They are going here

just in the green house till the end o the month or so


Sall good dude
Keep us posted and start a thread on it bro either way right on brother!! Digg all that is diy and functional


Nice space my friend. I would love to build a little grow space off of my back wall in my backyard. Just big enough for a 2 to 3 ft trained or autoflowers possibly is kept short enough.


Yup I would even like to toss some lowryder autos in the backs flower bed in the off season
Ithink they would thrive out door here in our mild winters


Oh and thanks for the props on ma space turned out better than I had hoped and well with in a decent budget and all done diy on the cheap well cheap is a relative word


I know where they are going…and it still won’t be tall enough lol


For whatever its worth…it’s raining here so I measured the rain water. It’s 144 ppm.


Hey @Growit your going to give the old guy @garrigan65 a cardiac event with that 3 way talk… lol