Outdoor Desert Grow


They are very good for the soil
They tunnel around and aerate the soil and leave behind their castings and fertilize the earth quite well
I use worm castings in all my soil and nutes


Omg ! I m gonna take those worms back! I just put green tea on the earth, chamonille, mint and herbal tea and then water because I hears that they are good food for the plangs. And couple of days the earth was full of worms arround so I got scarred :smile: .


Worms are our lil helpers in the garden


They love to eat tea and tea bags
Coffee grounds
Grapes really love grapes
I have a bucket with holles in it buried in my planter and I put veggie , fruit scraps , tea bags ,coffee grounds and some times news paper
The worms eat the stuff and come in and out to eat threw the holes


Smart with the bucket o worms