Outdoor Desert Grow


Nice set up, lovely gals!!


Looking good. I’m jealous I wish I could have a space like that outside. I have the perfect yard and spot picked out for the hopes of one day being able to. Is the last one the one that was seperated into seperate tops?


Right on thanks
I don’t quite understand your question though
The last pic is a super skunk been tending to her since december
She was topped , then takin down to 8 of the healthiest branches , lolied , then buried in the dirt.
A few weeks back all the 8 branches were topped.
She is in week two of flower
Getting an indoor space ready now to finish her


Yes that’s the one. It was seperated into seperste arms amd then partially burried? I may be thinking of something else.


Hey @aussie123556


Here you go @PurpNGold74
This one has my supersoil recipe and some other cool stuff


Hey @HvtAna1988 not sure if you wanted me to tag you on this one


Havent see this grow!!!


Yup this was my whacky experiment
She actually just ended up just produced a bunch of seeds
Which is ok they are great growers its one of my super skunks


@Growit ! I sincerely love your backyard! You can do whatever you want there and you did it! You see…I didnt find anywhere to buy material buckets, wish I had some of them! You dog seems to be happy about your beautiful grow too!


Did you saved those seeds ? :smile: I would!


If you scroll through you will find my soil and nutrient recipes and some training
These were the plants I started outdoor and had to finish inside due to them flowering early on me
I like outdoor growing


Oh yes and have some of them in my grow now


I like outdoor grows too! Dont know what am I suppose to do in winter. I m gonna check your soil receip now. Have you been looking on my photo for you with that NPK?


I have like a hundred seeds of feminized super skunk seeds
They are great producers and make for some top shelf medical grade cannabis


I have zero seeds… But I ll collect them from now on! I want to have seed stash too :sunglasses:


Yes I seen it
I am not sure about that stuff
I have never used anything like that but usually anything in pellet form is slow release so when you sew the pellets in your soil the nutrients release at unpredictable rates so usually aren’t recommended for cannabis growing


Most of my plants just produced great cannabis
I find a seed here and there and always save them


I had worms like that too… and I picked them all from earth and throw them! I thought they are not good!


I started with like 60 European night crawlers and now I have a flower bed 2’x8’x2’ deep and they are very happy they have filled the planter very well and everything I grow in the planter grow very well