Outdoor Desert Grow


Yes @Covertgrower, I am planning to scrog my a couple of photos outside this summer. Height control is my main reason…Course it might be really fun too :rofl:


Hi Folks!

I really don’t know much about this with only 1 outdoor grow under my belt. My experience was if you put them in a big pot of good soil (I use 15 gallon nursery pots), mother nature and the sun will do the job. I pinched mine many times to mitigate the height. And used bamboo sticks and zip ties for supports. This years plan is to use cinder blocks filled with concrete and a short pvc anchor. Use the couplers and elbows to adjust height, with no glue so it’s adjustable, and put the trellis netting in between at 2 or 3 levels depending on the plant. Sorry, don’t mean to sound like a know it all. Got the bug that’s going around and getting cabin fever to start my seeds. Rock on bro!!!


Very cool
Yea I like the scrog idea but staking and bending and topping is what I think I will be doing to control hieght


How long did the seeds take to reach Vegas ?


Few weeks I think


Good guy or bad guy?


Random updates
Wind snapped a Purple haze
Built her a wind screen
Gonna screen off the whole fence though
Got lots of wind burn throughout the garden not just on the cannabis but also my tomato,pepper,and lettuce


@Growit they look like aphids. At first I thought the top one was one of the beneficial wasps but the more I looked I am not sure! Good Mornin’ btw


@Growit Wow I didn’t see these pics. Lookin like champions ,son:) Dang don’t we have a herd of wonderful growers!


Purple haze pics of wind burn
Chem dawg too
All good
Ahhhh…the great outdoors
Started super cropping



Thanks @highcountrygal
Your ladies are looking very well
Nice work your doin outhere


Oooo and I ordered some white widow autos and a 5 pack of blackberry kush fems
Gifting 3 or 4 of the blackberry
And also gifting a lot of the white widow autos too
But this years cold weather grow will be 6-8 whitewidow autos inthe green house


@Growit Next winter definitely autos!


Going to be a big one! Nice @Growit


Looking super healthy and gearing up to produce!!! Nice growing @Growit


@Growit your girls are looking sweet bro!

I’m going to use the soaker hose method for my drip system. You have been a tremendous help and inspiration to me with the pump setup and now this. Thank you so much!


No sweat
Sorry for not tagging ya I still forget to do that
I made the mistake of using two different brand soaker tube and am getting in consistent results
So probably going to be re-doing it again.
All food
I am glad to have been any help
Right on for the right ons😊


Sorry @Sasquatch I found an email from a thread about rolling my stems sorry for never replying
I pinch until I feel a lil pop then I point it where I want
It was a lil scary at first but they respond well




I LOVE IT!!! @Growit Healthy as all get out!