Outdoor Desert Grow



Finished my irrigation
Some pics of my veggies for fun


Still no lizards
I think me and my ol girl are going lizard huntin in the desert and bring a few of em home


@Growit Good morning!! I thought I was obsessed with organization! Way too cool. NICE job!!


If I can get the ol girl outta bed


Yea things have to be laid out a certain way and it will drive me nuts till I get it lined out the way I see it in my head


And good morning to you too my dear
How are you? Your grows are coming slong so very nicely


Here is some pics of my buddy @Fishead
This is the super skunk I baby sat for a bit while he was getting his grow spaces dialed in

She is super happy
Did some crazy training and @Fishead did some great fimming and grooming. She is getting the light flip now


She is in a seven gallon fabric pot
She sits on a lazy susan type thing he built
Pretty cool


Looking just great @Growit. Never used those small irrigation tips. Are they drippers or sprayers?


All out of likes, but everything is looking good. @Growit


Is that gravity fed? How complicated was it to setup and istal? Looks good :+1:


Sorry for the late reply
Been friggin sick
I tried gravity feeding the system but had to put in a pump and a timer
Relatively simple
I have pics here some where


Oops sorry you were talking about @Fishead set up
Yea gravity fed
He put a big automotive funnel in one of the vent sleeves toward the top of the tent and dumps his nutes and water in it
He built a drip ring that sits in the soil that is fed with a hose from the funnel


Sorry for late reply been sick @mulegal I put adjustable spray/drip heads
They work great but only with real good pressure I am pushing about 30-35 psi so I am gonna change em out to 1/4”soaker hose
I have one of the chemdawgs with soaker tube and works perfect


Hey @HJL welcome to my current grow.


So on Sunday I started my scrog for the goldleaf.
It slipped immediately splitting her in half!!
Poor thing. She looks good though
I lost a ton of foliage and two branches.
I laughed took a few pics and patched up her trunk she seem healthy today
Lil bummed but all good


Thanks @Growit, 1/4" soaker would probably be better for my situation.

Your grow looks amazing. Great planning


Thanks @mulegal Updates coming soon
Culled one of my Gold Leafs do to another scrog mishap
I am over the outdoor scrog
I may try it again for my winter green house grow.
Kinda bummed but pulled 3 cuttings off her last weekend and all three are doing good so once they are established they will go into her spot


I think it would be awesome to do an outdoor scrog especially if it was started early inside, it could get HUGE! (Thinking of you @Myfriendis410!) Another advantage, is that the neighbors can’t see a short squatty plant over the fence… :wink: