Outdoor Desert Grow


Good call on that @Growit I would do the same. Taking notes on that one. Maybe even some camofluage canopy stuff for the outback not supposed to find it grows.


Really like the idea of chapparel sage. I love the smell of sage. Think I’ll try and find some.


@mulegal @Covertgrower @Growit If you really love the smell of sage try to locate Clevelandia sage. It is native to socal and it grows in the Cleveland Forest here in San Diego, hence the name, it is the most aromatic of sages and the scent is a mix of sage and honey and will smell up every where it is.


Will do…Clevelandia sage.

Grew some Russian sage a few years back. It got tall with purple flowers like lavender. It was pretty and fragrant. Moles ate up the roots. Dogs have since ‘ate up the moles’ :wink:

I love a high desert most of all I think. Rocky and rolling, sagebrush and junipers. Lizards and tortoises and tiny wildflowers in the sparse grasses. And sun, always the sun. I can smell it as I type.


@highcountrygal I always enjoyed planting thyme too. I don’t think the sage would grow too well in southeast AK though. :wink:


@Covertgrower bet it would! esp in a big container where you can control the water.


Possibly. No shortage water here in rainforest country. Maybe I’ll try after I relocate to the Midwest? No sense in packing extra things… @highcountrygal


Your girls are looking sweet bro! The spinosad works. Last year I made the mistake of using it after I discovered the evil caterpillars. Then I saturated the buds to kill them, and it contributed to bud rot I believe. This year I’m going to start using it once the buds start to mature in anticipation of the devil hordes. Thinking once weekly, and not overdoing it with the spray. But I really don’t know squat about this…just trying to make progress.


Yep originally the sage was going on the other side of the yard where the dogs have free rome but my lil pit loves it almost as much as she like cannabis :joy:


My sweet ol girl aka WEEDEATER


Past her prime but believe me you still do not want to be on the business end of that she still keeps the yard safe and when she gets riled up it can strike the fear of God in the hearts of those with bad intentions
She has been so loyal over the years


So these guys

They come trollin through and seems who pees on the most plants wins


They lil guy in the back is mid stream


Beautiful dog @Growit my German shepherd mix is past her prime, and is pretty lazy these days. Her bark still could scare the crap out of someone though. Lol


I am looking for comercial hemp seeds to grow for her
She is on a lot of stuff for siezures including cbd oil but I would like to grow it and process it my self and tweak as needed but they are like impossible to find
And she does like to eat fresh cannabis as wel as roaches she ate half a doob one time of my outside coffee table and man she was uncomfortably stoned she was not diggin it. So I know dogs a thc sensitive so high cbd strains aren’t really an option I am comfortable with for my dog


Out of likes @Growit but my dog is pretty stiff too. I give her some edibles, and she’s almost a puppy again.


I’m wondering if my local ditchweed could be used for cbd oils etc. ???


Ooops @Growit, sage lovin pup took care of that plan


local ditchweed? I don’t think so. That would be fine for weaving hemp fibers. What you need is some AC/DC seeds. That strain makes 20 times as much CBD as THC. Around 20% in the buds!

I won’t list the sources out of respect to ILGM, who does not carry this strain, but seek and ye shall find.


Lol :joy: it was just a thought. I already know it’s not worth smoking :nauseated_face: