Outdoor Desert Grow


Right on @1BigFella
I am pulling the panels out of the cieling of my green house and putting in shade screen in case I need to keep them in there longer
I did put one of the gold leafs and one of my super skunks outside already hope to see them stay in veg if they go into flower its ok though that is not the plan. Thanks again for all your help you are always so helpful
You have helped me on this grow more than ya know and thanks again buddy😊


@Growit BIG HUGS from So Cal bro!!!


You are welcome. I’m not in this for the money! Strictly a labor of love.
I’m only allowed to give an ounce away at a time, so I’m happy to share knowledge.


Gonna hit the recliner and watch Diner Drive Ins and Dives on the Food Channel…chicken fried steak with mashed taters and heaps of gravy is sounding good.


Damn, that does sound good. I’m going to have to whip something like that up.


I love the raking and pretty layout; seems ready for the grow


Thanks @bubblyhead
I put both my super skunks , my super silver haze and one of my gold leafs outside the bigg super skunk and gold leaf have been outside no supplemental lighting since Saturday and the small super skunk and super silver haze since Monday

Hey @highcountrygal got me some jasmine!!
Also some really fragrant chaparral sage too!!
My pitty bull has been chewing on the sage
Better that than my cannabis like last grow


I love looking at your garden! I wish my yard was that nice and tidy…


thanks man
The yard was a bare template for me
Just open space with rocks and a poch slab with awning so gave me something pretty decent to work with


The plants I put outside are getting ambient light from the green house all the way up to 11pm so I think that may be helping
No signs of flowering. No flower stretch or pistols so hopefully they stay vegging for me
Thanks again for all the help


I fimmed the super skunk and super silver haze and actually did it right!!
Since my first grow I tried it with my blueberry auto and all I did was slow down growth and got goofy lookin leaves from my cut site. I also attempted it on the bigger gold leaf and super skunk on this grow but ended up doubting my cuts so I ended up topping those two so pics to come in the next week of so of new growth from the fim


Mornin’ It gets better and better @Growit every time I see it! Glad you got your Jasmine, take the flowers and put them in some tea and bingo jasmine tea! I just got a new lavender plant on the discount table, 1.00!


Looking good my friend :+1::v:


It does not take much to keep them vegging. Regarding topping and FIM: I actually cut off about 10 inches of many stems. It grew back much thicker than ever. Exactly how you top is not very important, given some time…


Thanks @1BigFella

Got my spinosad finally it is omri listed should work well


First pic is my compost/vermicompost
Look close you can see the tiny nightcrawler babies
I am happy to see the worms are happy and breeding!! I bought them from amazon they all went into my veggie garden planter over the winter as well as my composter barrel Much to my surprise despite how cold it got out there they stayed alive.

All but 4 of them are outside now
I left the Chemdawg and Purple Haze in the greenhouse


Whoohoo love lavender my lavender is growing sooooo slow!!


For every 4 plants in the middle of em I worked in mint , lavender and chaparral sage too
This I think helps with staying discreet kind of camouflage. The sage will start really taking off once it heats up and in summer time you can smell that stuff from 10 feet away.
Gonna put an other jasmine in too on one of the other walls not sure where yet
Hope fully the fragrance of everything will thow off the cannabis smell


I only put up the shade screen up because it is raining and the screen is keeping things from getting too much water and also helps the not get pounded by rain drops


Plus I live in an area that is right on Metros flight path though I am covered from possible legal action but I still do not want metro knockin on my door