Outdoor Desert Grow


I think you are working too hard. Your grow depends on the roots not getting down to the phosphate until it’s ready to flower but in my experience roots grow VERY fast. This is why I would never layer different things in the medium. I’m using DynaGrow Grow and Bloom plus a little spinosad spray to kill unwanted guests. That’s it. It’s in pure coco coir, so the only thing in the medium is the stuff I dumped on it today. This way I can follow the DynaGrow schedule exactly and get a good flush at the end.

My last grow was in potting soil and the crop is plenty strong but pretty harsh to smoke, I think because I couldn’t get a good flush at the end.


@1BigFella sometimes its fun to explore new ways to grow.


No I never water to run off


The pots are filled half way with super soil and most of the transplants bottom roots were definitely in contact with the hot stuff


I am workin hard for sure but not too hard some of the stuff I am doing is part experimental but mostly I am going for a good natural high yeild high grade crop and to do that I think it takes hard work and a lot of preparation
And since I do not want to use any store bought bought nutes I think the teas are the way to go but one day I will have it down like you and not work so hard.


I was almost set to do a nute line but wanted to do a couple solid soil grows before geting into a more media/newt grow
I am sure it is a sure fire way to a consistent and predictable grow
Hoping not to use too much pesticides have DE had trouble finding spinosad here for some reason but hopefully the regular foliar sm-90/exile will keep the serious pests at bay as the lizards and mantises take care of the rest I guess we shall see how it goes
Also have a veggie garden and herb garden going so hopefully bugs will be drawn to the veggies over the cannabis


In my experience, cabbage looper moths LOVED cannabis and their caterpillars loved eating buds from the inside out. Sickening to see your beautiful buds fall apart.

It would certainly be possible to create your own nutes from organic sources, but plants don’t really care. Nitrogen from ammonium nitrate salt works the same as nitrogen from urea. It’s just another chemical containing nitrogen to the plant.

One thing most growers do know is that they want a lot of phosphorous only when the plant starts to flower. That’s why every nute line has at least “grow” and “bloom” nutrients. It would be impossible to do that just by using a particular soil blend. Maybe use a good organic blend (Miracle Grow is 0.21% N, 0.07% P, and 0.14% K.) for veg and then dump some high phosphorous liquid solution in the pot when it starts to bloom. Urine is not the answer: It is about 11-1-2, so no big phosphorous boost from that. There are some bat and sea bird guanos that have high P. With commercial liquid fertilizers they tell you how much to use. With natural products, you get to figure it out!


Does the nute burn ease off as it establishes @Growit
Sorry for all the questions, just trying to get it in my head what to expect so I don’t have any oh $h^t moments.


I believe that they will be fine I am just gonna dilute the teas a lil bit and space out the tea feedings too. Gonna just be giving water for he next week or so to see how it goes.
I should have filled the pots 1/3 instead of 1/2 full with the supersoil. When I transplanted all roots had some contact with the supersoil althogh I did try and put some potting soil down ontop of the supersoil but the roots are definitely in it now so we shall see


Yup it is a guessing game
I am doing kelp meal and wormcastings with oystershell for calcium when they are in flower seabird and bat guano teas I agree with you on the soil. I realize the soil may be lacking depending on how depleted it gets from root growth so I will be using hi phosphorus teas in flower to make up waht may be lacking in the end.
We will see though took a lot of time and prep to build the soil and I definitely believe in supersoil.
This is also a hobby of sorts too
I will eventually get to a point of having a grow preference wether that is the organic soil route or commercial nute grows time will tell. I enjoy making my own teas and nutes. I really think the burn is because I should have filled my pots 1/3 instead of 1/2 full
Last year I did not have any nute burn in my supersoil grow but I started my seeds in 10 gallon burlap sacks so no transplanting and the roots took the time to reach the supersoil when they needed it.


Here it is I am supplementing with t5s in the green house till end of the month.


You might want to keep the supplemental light on for a bit longer. On March 22 we go to longer days, but it’s still around 12/12. I’d keep turning on the lights for 15 minutes at 11 PM or so for another couple of months. Doesn’t cost much because they only need to be on for a few minutes. You don’t want your babies to get confused and try to flower now.

September 22 is when we go to less than 12 hours of daylight and some strains have actually flowered by then and are ready to harvest. So 12 hours of darkness is not a magic number. It is just a sure thing. They might start flowering on about July 22, which has 14 hours of daylight.


But @1BigFella won’t they go back in vegg once the days get longer? I am planned on putting them outside on the 31st it is gonna be way to hot in the greenhouse to keep them in there for another couple months just aint gonna happen it has gotten up to 160 degrees on and 85 degree day so they are going outside hopefully they go back in vegg if they start to flower


Thanks for all the love guys really been keeping me goin
I lost my job , been real sick and had to put my sweet baby boy down too
It has been a rough few months especially this last two weeks.
Thanks again all of you for all the love on this grow its keepin my goin
And thanks for all of the direction and help too


@Growit That’s what family is for! I am very sorry to hear things like that, it always seems to compound when you are hit by one tragedy, I’ve never understood this. I am guessing, like our girls, stress makes you stronger and the end result is a healthier person, so ‘they’ say. Trials and tribulations, lessons and knowledge are for us to deal with and learn by and carry on in life like the big colas we are! You are here where you belong with people like you, loving, kind and caring and probably high! Love to you, our friend! :yin_yang: :peace_symbol:


Life blows sometimes. I hope it gets easier my friend. Holler at me if you need anything. :v:


Looking good Thanks


So sorry man fir all the shit your going through bro. Life can kick u in the balls sometimes. I’m glad to see you pick up and keep going that’s all we have is our desire to keep going. Sometimes shitty things happen for a reason hopefully things will get much bettter for you


Good analogy. For sure


I think jerking them around between flower and veg is confusing and confusion breeds hermaphrodites. Better to keep them in veg with 10 hours or less dark periods and then force them into flower with 12 hours or more dark. But if they are outside during the springtime when the night is still between 10 and 12 hours, it’s very easy to fool them into staying in veg. All you need is an outside floodlight like so many houses use for outdoor lighting. Turn it on for 15 minutes between 11 PM and 12 PM and it disrupts the flowering process. Doesn’t even need to be that close to the plants but it should be pointed at them.