Outdoor Desert Grow


@Growit here’s what I’m using for base soil. Best stuff I can find around here! Stuff looked really good.
This product is formulated from (one or more of the following: peat, processed forest products and/or compost), and (sphagnum peat moss and /or coir), poultry litter, alfalfa meal, bone meal, kelp meal and earthworm castings.


Looking great, keep it up!


Yes torture them by tying them down real good @Growit


Gold Leaf***


Super Skunk


Super skunk

Super silver haze


Your girls are looking sweet bro!!!





Looking great really like the super skunk :+1:


Keep it up Mr Greenthumb


I think mantises are too big for most of out pests. Lady bugs would be better. They love to eat aphids.


I have alot of crickets and what not on my property @1BigFella and i have thousands of lady bugs in the area they are all over my area
Ao no need bring more in lol


So mantises wont go for the aphids?


Nute burn?? All most all of my seedlings are diplaying the same symptoms only on new growth some here and there on my fan leaves but mostly on new growth
Only thing I can think is the roots have hit the supersoil and that stuff is friggin super hot!!

Strains- super skunk , gold leaf , northern lights , purple haze , chemdawg , agent orange , super silver haze
Soil- 15 gallon cloth pots roots organics topsoil , bottom half super soil hi phosphorus mix (seabird guano instead of bat guano)
PH water at 6.5
Nutes- foliar with camg+ , sm-90 , and exile miteicide/fungiside PH to 6.5
Wormcasting ,oystershell , kelpmeal tea home made tds to 1500 and pHed to 6.5
Sun light and 54w 6500k t5s for supplementation lighting
Gave each pot 2-3 gallons of water yesterday as well as rinsing the foliage with pH 6.5 water in an attempt to stop further burn
What yall think??




Yep, that’s what nute burn looks like. They still look good though @Growit


I concur, usually earliest sign of a little too much juice in soil.


I love me some nute burn, shows I’m pushing them hard :slight_smile: Of course I don’t keep going with it but at least it shows what to tweak for next time to get it just at the line before the burn.


Whoo! Ok only second grow so feels good to hear that from some more experienced folks
Thanks again guys😉


@Growit question, with the super soil do you water to run off or maybe not?
Reason I ask is if you read Kind Soils (which is a variation of subcool) They say not to water to run off. Could this be because the extra water could draw roots down to soon to the hot stuff or even suck it up to the roots? Or maybe I’m just stoned!