Outdoor Desert Grow


your mixing a lot! but then those are some big pots you got


Dam , going to be monsters!


I think 4 bags of dirt would have been perfect
I have about 4 cuft of supersoil left over gonna use it in veggie garden and for top dressing amendments


Yea kinda wacky
I seen some one do something similar
This is the second time I did it to this plant but I wanted to train it to the outside of the pot then let her take off straight up
Now just gonna watch her fill back out again


Interesting @GRowit. Ya I 've not seen this done either, but have thought it. Glad you were brave enough to try. Keep us posted on this one ,yes?


Will do mulegal


More tying down on the Gold Leaf***
Also tied a mantis egg to her for future pest control


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Ive been thinking about buying matis eggs and seeding my yard with them as well lol


Looking good brother. I can’t wait to run a plant outside. I may try this summer with a couple small autos. :v:


I say go for it @Dieselgrower but autos can get big outdoors keep that in mind not going to be 8foot trees but 4 foot isnt out of the question lol just a heads up if open view is a issue in your area
I plan on 5-10 autos this year outdoors


Right on
Did autos on my first grow
ILGM blueberry and northernlights
In the greenhouse with supplemental light and they were great and produced exceptional smoke


Unfourtunately a lot of the new growth on Gold Leaf and several others seem to be displaying signs of nute burn but all growth seems healthy besides that gonna keep an eye on it if it persists I will post some close up pics


I know the soil is a bit hot but I am thinking it has to do with my foliar strength


The plants looks ok good over all a few spots here and there which some look like nute splash to me


Yea those are old from using pH up near the plants
New growth all tips are slightly burned no biggy to be expected
Only been giving them pHed water and tea
The foliar spray is sm-90, camg+, exile (miteicide) is the only thing that I could think


I like this idea… best pest control ever


Thats what i was thinking bro a bunch of them on the property once they eat everything they can move on to all the corn fields and hay fields around my area no harm no fowl right
Not sure if thwy need a certain amount of space
But i have seen them on my property before just not in numbers one or two a year @Sasquatch
I think i want a army of those buggers lol


I read a thread on here about mantis. I guess from the eggs you can hatch hundreds of them , but the say (who ever they are) only a handful will survive
I’m going to check into it. @Countryboyjvd1971