Outdoor Desert Grow


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I gotcha very cool we will figure it out I am already tranplanted and ready
I will continue posting updates on this grow here till we are all ready to start the journal then @garrigan65 , sound good?


Oh gosh well I guess he had to move on
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Im set to watching @Growit keep us updated


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Thanks brother
Never super cropped
Think I am doing it right
I call it the “snap , crackle , pop” method now
Sure I am not the first to coin the phrase in relation


Ha! Harry and the hendersons!! One of the greatest family flicks ever. @Sasquatch


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@Growit looking good. I second your concern about bob31…


@Sasquatch clarified that he is just not with ilgm right now


@Growit Here’s what in my soil mix. Added this to 1.5 cuft of soil an 6.5 lbs of wormcastings
.3125 lb. - 5 oz. Fish Bone Meal 3-16-0
•.3125 lb. - 5 oz. Steamed Bone Meal 2-14-0
•.625 lb. - 10 oz. Bat Guano 0-7-0
•.3125 lb. - 5 oz. Blood Meal 13-0-0
•.3125 lb. - 5 oz. Feather Meal 12-0-0
•1/16 cup Soluble Kelp Powder 0-0-17
•1/16 cup Mycorrhizal Fungi (300 spores per gram)
•3/4 tsp. Powdered Humic Acid (90%Pure)
•.375 lb. Colloidal Rock Phosphate 0-3-0
•3/32 cup Epsom Salt
•1/16 cup Sweet Lime (Dolomite)
•1/16 cup Azomite (67 Trace Elements)
•1 tsp. Potassium Sulfate 0-0-53


He left for personal reasons in the beginning of February @Covertgrower.


My recipe:
6 - 3 cu ft bags of Kellogg organic raised bed soil
40 - lbs worm castings
5 - lbs fishbone meal
5 - lbs sea bird guano
5 - lbs blood meal
3 - lbs kelp meal
3 - lbs rock phosphate
1 - cup oyster shell ( instead of dolomite lime )
1/2 - cup elemite ( trace elements )
3/4 - cup epsom salt
2 - tbs humic acid


This is a recipe is based off of subcools recipe I just subbed a few ingredients and went with cheaper soil which I will never do again
It is gonna be fine but I really like the 707 soil and will use that in the future.


Nice soil mix
What is your base soil?


Super cropped tied down Gold Leaf


Re worked my super skunk too

Trying to concentrate on the top growths she has 15 tops coming in very nicely
Should fill in real nice between now and October


something I picked up at a ace hardware . organic raised bed soil, got some goodies in it. The stuff looks really good for what it cost. I don’t have a lot of choices around here. Ill see if I can find a picture


That one you wrangled down and covered everything else but the tops is awesome. That would be a great techniques of you wanted to be stealthy in a greenhouse or outdoor garden. Do that then just fill in around the pot with vegies or flowers. If you could time it right they wouldn’t get very much taller if you get them out just for the flower stretch or maybe I’m just high :v:


I was thinking its the first time ive seen anyone do that @Dieselgrower hahaha
Nice job @Growit i cant wait to see how she turns out