Outdoor Desert Grow


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WOW! That is a really nice set up! Can’t wait to see it full and in bloom! :woman_farmer:t4:


Thanks for the tag, just responded in the other journal! I’m here to help any way I can brother!


Outdoor in the Las Vegas Desert

Shade screen is goin accross the top streched from fence to brick wall

On the back wall I will have 2 50 gallon drums or water and running a drip irrigation from there.

There will be a total of 12 plants in total strains are ILGM Gold Leaf*** , Super Silver Haze , Purple Haze , and Northern Lights and some gifted Super Skunk seeds from my bro.

Have not decided on soil or containers yet. I have concerns about water retention during the super hot summer


Gotcha on pest control
Growing a bunch of lavender , dill , cilantro , rosemary marigolds , catnip , and spearmint through out the space also building lizard habitats in the space as well
Dowsing the ground with cinnamon to deter ants cuz where there is ants there is aphids. Also gonna get some praying mantises going as well hope to not have to use too much in the way of pesticides hopefully nature helps me and a lil mild soap and water we shall see


Thanks @highcountrygal Congrats on your recent harvest👍🏼


love that back yard set-up @Growit


@Growit I know I sound like a broken record, however, use gypsum!!! It is the miracle for me as I live in San Diego with mostly DG and once dry it’s like cement, it’s hot and dry and things dry out quickly, I use 5 gal. buckets. Gypsum does several good things, it’s rich in calcium and this adds strength to your stems and branches, it is a surfactant which keeps the soil from compacting, increases water absorption and retention and allows food (nuts) to be absorbed more readily. I mix a generous amount in my soil mix prior to transplanting and then add to each plant a ‘handful’ every few weeks. I have learned to keep soil loose by turning it up with my hands around the stem and esp. around the sides. When I water I watch for areas that ‘bubble’ and try to break these places up because water is not getting absorbed. This is important when plants get root bound, then I have to use a ‘poker’, a rod about the size of a straw and long enough to reach the bottom, water and then poke holes until bubbles are gone. The root system won’t be messed up from poking. I had to water 3 times a day when it was so hot. Never had a droopy leaf or plants that were affected by the heat, branches and stems strong enough to withstand wind and able to hold up under the wt of the colas. Plus the gals were amazingly green. Here are some pics. Best of luck and white voodoo for your grow. :woman_farmer:t4:


Thanks for the tag. I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures and grow. I think I’m going to learn a lot from you :+1:


Thanks for the tag @Growit I’ll follow along for sure. Never been to Vegas, but I know it’s dry there!


Mint, growing in the ground deters ants.


Right on @highcountrygal will lool into gypsum thanks!!



In the back I built up a flower bed and made some lizard friendly tunnels and a lil lizard home. This was to hopefully attract some geckos to my garden as they are great for bug control plus the lil guys are super cute…yes I am a grown man that just said “super cute” but it is true the lil guys are adorable lil bug assassins. Planted some strawberry plugs and some other stuff I am going to plant there as well
The drums are set and filled got some tan 15 gallon fabric pots on the way.
Doing super soil grow again. Going to be using Kellogg Raised Garden Bed Organic soil for my base soil. As it is under $10 for a 3 cu ft bag.
I will be using something else for the topsoil in my pots. Leaning toward Fox Farm Salamander soil but not sure yet. I was gonna use kellogg for my top soil but my slurry tests with 6.5 pHed water is at 7.0 pH. So I think using it as a base for my super soil is good but I would like to use something a bit more acidic for my top soil.
All my super soil ingredients are on there way I need to get this stuff mixed and baked before the season starts.
Running a drip system from the drums with a timer so I am not stressing about my girls when I cant be here.


@Growit OMG you need to come build me one just like that!! You aren’t a Scorpio by chance? What a neat area now you need a rocking chair so you can sit and watch them grow! I am so impressed and downright jealous! About gypsum it is also a great source of Sulfur! I also make and eclectic mix of different soils, I love that Nature’s Care (so do my plants) and I use Miracle gro soil as well. Another good thing is Super Thrive esp. when transplanting. Sounds like we are almost on the same wave leng:woman_farmer:t4:th!!


Think I am an Aries? Thanks for all the kudos and info I appreciate it! :blush:


Hey @garrigan65 doing my super soil build now.
I was wondering , I seen your breakdown on the subcool recipe and I did it for my first grow. Now on my second grow and was wondering how many plants the 8bag recipe is for I did the scaled down 1 bag recipe last year which was enough for 3 -7 gallon pots 1/2 filled.
I have 9 -15 gallon fabric pots to fill 1/2 way this time. Will the 8bag recipe be too much?


Does anyone think that 15gallon grow bags are too big?
They measure 20” wide and 14” tall


Went with the 15 gallon bags for water retention and to help with heat stress this summer



2 bags for each pot 15 gal with some leaf over
so to do 9 15 gal pots would be 18 bags

using the 8 bag recipe would = 8 15 gal bags with the left over filling the 9th should be just about wright. It’ll be close how ever you look at it.
Ya go for it.



Right on man thanks again!!