Outdoor daylight too long and buds aren’t ready

So I have an outdoor grow and our daylight lengths are now at 12hrs and 34min of daylight. I have plants that are still in the flowering period. Will I be able to finish the flowering stage off with that much daylight or will my best option be to just harvest what is there? Still have 3 weeks left in flowering stage to go.

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What part of the world are you in?
Am I right in assuming the day length is increasing? Kinda need to know a few things, like are these plants autos or photos? How old are they? When were they planted outside? What kinda plants are they?

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Pictures to see maturity, as long you are getting light 8+ hours a day and temps are not below 65 for to long , the temp would be a factor

Am located in Saipan the days are getting longer and they are photo not auto. They were planted 6 weeks ago. Unsure strain it is a local seeds I gott

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The days are getting longer? They may re vegitate?

Looks like minor thrip damage too

Yeah Days are getting longer. What’s thrip damage?

Small bugs that hide under leaf. Very tiny. Normally hang out on the veins

It’s still got long ways to go it’s gonna stretch

Will neem oil help I just started spraying them.

So it won’t just die it will go back to veg?

That is correct. They will reveg, looks crazy in the process too. Chances of it becoming hermaphrodite increase too though.

Yeah, my 1st l@@k said might be headed down that hermi road…let it go see what she wants to do