Outdoor crop what you guys think

o not bad for the time of year if u ask me


Very nice . What strains are you growing ?

@Pollo831 Very nice! I am an outside only grower! How funny a couple of your pics look a lot like mine and my backyard. I had to double take for a second!

Maybe you should check your back yard again @highcountrygal maybe they came and planted them in yours! Haha

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some ones going to be happy!

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super silver haze, durban poison , big buds and i can’t remember the other ones


am glad our girls look alike

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@Pollo831 did you look? If not check out my journal, and while there start one for yourself.

Beautiful @Polo831!!! I’m also an outgrower , this my second season. Last years grow I planted all if my girl’s in fabric pots , had a very successful grow, thanks to everyone on this forum
I felt so secure and comfortable that I decided to switch it up , I’m growing straight on the ground. My girls had a very slow start but as the weather here in MA is getting better they are also , they are in pots rigjt now - wanted them to be good & healthy before transplanting. I would really like if uou tag me when you post any information abput your grow , I know my girl’s would definitely benefit from your experience & knowledge
Thank You
Awesome Job



Very nice!

Can I ask why you have a bottle next to your tree trunk? To water?

Probably just there to get a size reference for the trunk of that huge tree!!

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its just for reference to see how big n fat it is

That is a beautiful tree! Well done.


There sticking up above the fence, I would goto jail for sure lol

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