Outdoor Clones stopped flowering



Ok guys, need some help with my first outdoor experiment.

I’ve got two outdoor clones (one sativa and one indica) from my previous grow cycle that started to flower around late August/early September and then stopped.

Initially, I thought the street light hitting parts of the plants directly was the issue so I moved them out of range but they’re still stuck in the pre-flower stage with some lower branchesa bit further along. Now its late October and I’ve had to move them inside to a spare bedroom with two windows and better control of the amount of light/dark periods.

My questions are

  1. Is there anyway to get them back to continue flowering?
  2. Is this a bust or should I be patient and let them do their thing?
  3. Is the amount of light coming in sufficient? The pics aren’t doctored and there’s alot of indirect sunlight coming in even on a partly cloudy day like today.


Just keep them in 12-12 cycle and they should flower
If they started to get more than 13gours them may have started to revert back into veg


Thank you sir! I’ll keep 'em in the 12-12 as you suggested and see if there’s any improvement over the next few weeks. Do you think the natural light coming in is sufficient? I’ve only grown in tents with LEDs in my limited experience.


I would say you’ll probably be ok if they get full sun fir the 12 hours
Not knowing the region your in
You might want to supplement it with a light if you have one available
You mentioned a tent so if it’s not being used? You could put them in there @GreenLantern202


My 2 tents are full right now with other plants in veg and flower. These two are in a spare bedroom - i’m in the southeast somewhere between MD and VA :grin:
They’ll just have to struggle through being in a semi-controlled environment. Thanks for the feedback dude I was contemplating giving up on these girls which would’ve been a downer cos the sativa is a freaking tree even with all the trimming I put her through.


Nice :+1: and don’t give up lol
Ok your a bit farther south then I am I’m in the NE
So sun is a bit stronger still just try to give them as much light as possible and let nature do its thing
Best you can hope for if you can’t supplement with lights
Keep me posted @GreenLantern202