Outdoor - Can she still be saved?

My plant is dying! She was awake and alive last week. I don’t know what happened. It was was so windy and the plant kept getting loose in the pot. I watered the soil to harden it a bit and keep her in place but it was still too loose and wiggly at the base. I have 4 other plants the same size and they’re doing good just like this one was but all of a sudden it started dying. The heat in Riverside has been 100+ so to make it worst the plant started turning yellow and even though I added water it still showed no signs of improvement. After that it all went down hill, in one day the leaves started to curl up and crunch. I thought it had something to do with the roots since the main one was so loose. I put it under shade and let 3 days pass but nothing. Just got worst. Finally since I didn’t want to just throw it away I took it out of the pot to see what’s going on. Those are just some of the roots the rest got cut off in the soil while removing the plant. What do you guys think? Should I re-pot it? Does it looks revivable? Or is it just trash?

Welcome to the forum. This is my first weed grow but my family owns a Landscape/garden center. Just from what I’ve seen it looks like a goner. But I guess anything is possible. I’m just basing my opinion from the fact all the leaves are dead so it’s lost its powerhouse for energy and breathing. It’s stem is pretty dark in color and There’s lots of broken leaf stems so it has started to decay. If you can put that in a pot and revive it I would be surprised. Maybe to a compost bin to grow again another day. It blowing around in the pot so easy probably means roots were dying.

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