Outdoor Blue Dream Leaves are turning Yellow and the tips of the leaves are browning


They’re turning yellow and the tips are turning brown again. This happened in late May as well, when it snowed here (Boulder, CO) and I had to cover them. Covering any plant for multiple days will turn them yellow but the tips turned brown as well. Two of the Blue Dream are turning yellow at the bottom, they didn’t grow as tall as the other blue dream.

Every time I water them they begin yellowing again. I changed the water cycle and waited until the top inch of soil was dried, 2-3 days in between, and it still yellows when I water. Nothing like this is happening to the others, they’re doing great. One even growing 3 inches a day!

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Update: I did a slurry test and tested the ph of my water. The soil ph is 6.8, the water ph is 7.0.

Hello? I see you commenting on all the other threads :pensive:

Are you feeding your plant’s anything and 7.0 ph is a litte high usually you want to water at around 6.5

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Yes, I used the miracle grow all purpose fertilizer I. The seedling and vegetative stages. That’s what I used on my plants in prior years and they seemed to like it. Today is the summer solstice so I plan on switching fertilizers from Miracle Gro to BR-61, very high in Phosphorous or I use a Fish Emulsion which is also high in Potassium and Phosphorus.

Should k out the water I containers to leave them sit for a couple days? Wouldn’t that make them stagnant though?

I anit no outdoor grow let me see if i can get you some help @Borderryan22 @BigItch @BobbyDigital

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Very few growers recommend Miracle Grow. It has time released nutrients in it, some up to 6 months. It makes it really hard to tell what your plants are/aren’t getting enough of, and what they will continue to get from the soil.

pH going in should be between 6.2-.8. Is there any way that you can get a handful of soil from deep down and do another slurry test to check your ppms?

I’m not a miracle grow guy, and I can’t remember who is on here that would have better insight. I’m also not an in-ground grower. I like fabric bags because it’s easier to tell if they are really dry or not and to flush should pH or ppm’s be outta whack.

Hope this helps some.


Looks like the start of a potassium deficiency. Not sure how to address that with MG nutes. There is something called raw potassium. I haven’t used it so can’t vouch for it but potassium is what helps move the water through the plant. You don’t have that and you’re going to be running into other deficiencies.


Noted. I’ll find a different Fertilizer for the vegetative stage that’s high in Nitrogen. I really like organic fertilizers because they feed the microbes in the soil, whereas miracle grow can kill them.

When I did my slurry test I got about 2 inches deep before I ran into the roots of my plants. The roots are spreading out further than the circumference of the plant itself. The roots of the plants aren’t just fine, they’re thriving. One of my plants is growing 2-3 inches a day and it’s almost as tall as me (6’1). It’s going to be the biggest plant I’ve ever had. I’ll try digging deeper, but how deep? Around 8 inches or more?

A friend of mine grows outdoors, he said it looks like a nutrient deficiency and recommended I mix 1 Tablespoon of Blackstrap Molasses with 1.5 Gallons on water because Molasses has Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus, and Anti Oxidants. It’s organic as well. Have you ever tried it?

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Yes, my friend thought so as well. If two grow experts are telling me the same thing, it’s most likely the problem. Thank you Bobby!

Check out Earth Dust. It’s a 2 part, Base and Bloom, dry amendment system that a lot of growers on here use. Totally organic. You mix it with organic soil, let it cook for a couple weeks to a month, then plant your seed(s). No ph’ing, unless your water is waaay out of whack. A little more to it, but 100% organic, and you can reuse the soil and every time it’s adding microbes and feeding the roots.

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I honestly don’t want to say dig away. I’m used to pots/bags and you can scrape a large spoon against the side of them while minimally disrupting the roots. I think @MrPeat has Miracle Grow experience. Sorry if you don’t Peat! Know anybody that does?

That’s a tall fxxx plant! Definitely wish I knew more to help get your trees squared away. Search miracle grow here on the forum. You’ll probably find growers, or at least some good info about using it.

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@Borderryan22 No worries…Ihave used Miracle Gro a lot in my growing days, but not with marijuana. When you water it blasts the plants
big time. I wouldn’t be afraid to use it. Hmmmm….I may have to pick some up and run a single plant with it.

Curiosity kills the cat. You should see what I am doing with a plant. Its going great for a very small amount of FFOF. Its even smaller than the Solo
Cup Challenge.


Thank you. I much prefer organic because of the microbes in the soil. It’s a little ecosystem down there too. Tons and tons of micro organisms eating up decomposing matter and releasing some precious nutrients. I think you get healthier, more tasteful plants too. Organic is the way to go, it’s the way of Nature ya know?

Yeah, my Tropicana Cookies is getting massive. She was as wide as she was tall, but now she’s taller than she was wide. I’m gonna need a lot of posts to hold her up lolol

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It’s really good as a foliage sprayer. When my girls (they’re all feminized) started growing their true leaves I started misting them with a teaspoon of miracle gro in a spray bottle. They really seemed to love it. The growth was strong and vigorous. I could put a fan on them for air circulation and they would bend or become lopsided.

Have you ever used this fertilizer called BR-61 on your plants while they were flowering? Also, what kind of insect repellants do you use? I used neem oil, but it killed a lot of beneficial bugs that were on my plants including daddy long legs, Lady bugs, lacewings, and my praying mantis.